Premier Design GroupDid not fulfill services

I was solicited by a representative supposedly from "Amazon Associates" in January of 2014. Shortly after that, I began getting calls from "Impact Knowledge Institute". Since I had not been notified by "Premier Design Group" I assumed "IKI" was the training partner with "AA". I was given coaching sessions from "IKI" and did not receive any follow up from "PDG" except showing my payment receipt, which I received on Jan 6, 2014. Nothing telling me I needed to contact them for instructions. Not until July did I receive another email from "PDG". That email was in regards to "transaction receipts" and asking me to give them a call at my earliest convenience to schedule a walk-through. Also stating they have tried to contact me several times and left messages. I never received any messages on my phone. I called them back the same day and left them a message to call me back, but they never did. As I was going through some of my paperwork, I came across the "PDG" paperwork so I called the phone number. The representative said she had recently taken over my account but would work with me but my contract is about to expire. I had no idea that "PDG" and "AA" were associated. I am still confused. Plus I had signed up with another company In Dec., 2013 called "Buckey Group". Why I did that I do not know, except they wanted to help me get an online business going. Well, come to find out, they are for the back end work of a website which I didn't know at the time and still do not understand at all. However, that must be where "AA" got my number. So all I can figure is "AA", "PDG" and "BG" are working together somehow. I feel I was truly misled by this whole thing. I still do not have a working Website that I was promised by "AA" and that I would be making $700 - $1500 a month.

Feb 04, 2015

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