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Premier Bank / Poor Bank Service

1 815 West Stadium BlvdJefferson City, MO, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 5738936000

Last friday 7/3 When I went to Premier Bank to check my account balance. I found out I got an unauthorized taken $79.90 from my account. & also got an overdraft fee$29.00 . So I bank home and check on it and found out is taken by a company call I remember I only authorised is paid $2.95 for their learning kit. And knew I got scam. So I called the bank immediately and ask for help. They gave me the suggestions is signed a form to stopped the payment but cause me $29.00 and also need to cancelled my debit card for any other future charges. So I went back to the bak and did what they told me. I also try to contact the profitstudio try to cancelled my service. But they are in holiday until 7/6 Monday. I did call them Mon morning to cancel my service & got my confirm nos. I think everything will be alright. Until today I went to the bank again. When I checked my balance I found out the $79.90 still taken out from my account and iwas on Monday afternoon. SO, I tried to talk to the bank again why this will be happen. Have a customer service lady told me because I used deboit card so I can't cancelled my payment . And I was so surprise why they don't told me on Friday or even Monday? When they can't stop the payment why they don't refund my $29.00 fee immediately? and why I cancelled my debit card the same company still can take the money from it? And that customer service lady told me is all my fault. Once I gave them my card nos. & the $2.95 they can take whatever they want. !! And she even make a laughing face to me look like I am a fool or something. I was so mad, I just back home and called the profitstudio. Finally I got about $39.95 refund from them in 72 hours. So I called back the bank to ask if I cancelled my debit card if I still can get my refund money? The phone lady told me is I can't. I need to give my new card nos or my checking account info to them.I said I don't want to give them any more my banking information because I believe they are scam. And she said only one way is ask them send me the refund chq or I wont' get anything. Can you believe that when I phoned to the bank again. This time is a male answer me and he told me I can get my refund money even they send to my old card, Once they got the money they can transfer it to my checking account.

This really is a nightmare! I just got laid off and lost everything .When I try to find some honest money to take care my 2 years old litle girl and got scam. Try to get some help from my bank and got all this poor service to fool me around and wasting my time and losing my money.

I don't know what I can trust now?

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  • Pa
      2nd of May, 2008
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    Premier Bank - billing
    Premier Bank
    Sioux Falls
    South Dakota
    United States

    When initially received card they nailed me with a fee of over $170.00.

    Now they are harassing me for a lousy $20 payment. Unbelievable.

  • Ms
      2nd of Feb, 2012
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    Premier Bank - billing
    premier bank
    United States

    to whom it may concern. I mailed off a payment's sometime almost the end of January and I called to see if the payment had arrived. And it did. Well my complaint is this the 2nd 0r third time you guy's had put 2 different money order onto 1 credit card and now. I have to wait and get paid "AGAIN" to mail off another payment to the right credit card. I put the account NO: on the money order you seem to not catching the account number's to what credit card goe's to what. I find it "UNACCEPTABLE" for you guy's not catching it the 1st time around. I put both money order's in 1 envelope. write the account on 1 sooo you guy's can put the payment's on the right card's. I guess not. I ususally don't complain but. Im not "HAPPY" right now. I was wondering why you guy's kept calling my phone. The account's are under "Todd A. Colby" I don't know what to say to you people anymore. It is fustrating when you can't get it right. I str8 put the Account NO: in bold print so you people can see it. I guess "NOT" so thank you for your time. Have a blessed day.

  • Ga
      3rd of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Maybe they were confused by your constant incorrect use of apostrophes.

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