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Absolute fraud and scam. "John" called my business to say that Preferred Long Distance was an alternative carrier to AT&T phone service and that they had been tracking the cost of my phone bills to be around $240/mo--which was true. They could offer much better since they only charge $40/line times my four lines with free long distance period. The first bill is a little more since its prorated. OK. First bill for one moth of service comes $590. What? Alright I guess it will wash out in the end, bill paid. Second bill comes $370. I called to speak with customer service and spoke to an extremely rude and threatening woman--not paying this bill due to clear fraud/scam/deceit. Switched back to AT&T. Still being sent bills from PLD. My $370 bill is now $440 with all the service charges. This company is beyond fraudulent. I wish I had looked on line first before agreeing to their scam. I Hope this can help another business owner before they fall victim as I did.


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  • Ka
      20th of Aug, 2012

    Just filed my own complaint and I too wish I had taken the time (even while on the phone with them) to check out reviews. Amazing how many thousands of negative reviews there are out there about this company! I know jobs are hard to come by. But people sell their souls when they go to work for a shady company like this. They absolutely don't expect good calls to come in. They are set in defensive mode and ready for battle. I hate that I let both the people get to me and allowed myself to lose my cool. After the first call, I tried again on another day ASSuming I had just spoken to a poor representative of the company. I'm very respectful and reasonable and expecting the same in return. Next thing I know I'm so incensed by the second person's antagonism and lack of any at all concern for customer opinion, let along satisfaction, that I lose it again! I really didn't say anything that was wrong, nor did I use profanity (I don't think), but man, I felt dirty afterwards. These people are just crooks! I thought about fighting it after the second bill too. But really, I just wanted to cut all ties with these creeps. Instead, I'm doing this. I'm filing complaints on every website I can find. Good luck with your battle. Don't let the ### get you down!!

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  • Av
      14th of Dec, 2012

    I fell for their pitch when I should've hung up. I want my AT&T account back! I knew that they were talking too fast when they signed me up, but I fell for the pitch, now I'm sorry after reading the reviews.

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  • Pa
      15th of Mar, 2013

    I fell for it as well since they told me they represented ATT and my services would not change, other than cost less. I got my first bill which was way more and then realized they were not ATT. The worst part is that they held my number somehow for almost 6 weeks and ATT could not get it back. Now i constantly get threatening letters from them to collect what i supposedly owe them. They will never get one cent from me.

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  • Du
      24th of Apr, 2015
    Preferred Long Distance - Called on behalf of AT&T
    Palms Resort
    South Padre Island
    United States

    Got a phone call on 04/23/15 that was answered by the front desk, the caller asked to talk to the person who would be responsible for making decisions on our AT&T account. The call was passed to the manager, after a few minutes of talking to her, they had said they want to go over some savings that are doing to our account. She then passed the phone to me (i do the accounting). The lady was very friendly, asked where South Padre Island was, kept on saying "wow that sounds like it is really nice there" She also said she was in Tennessee and would love to visit here one day. She started telling me that they now have towers down here in South Texas and that the numbers we were now calling that were long distance would no longer be, something about a 76 mile radius, the Local toll radius. She talked about the actual phone bill. Asked me to get it out so we could go over it together, and she could go over the saving that we would now have. She confirmed the different lines that we have with them (AT&T). At one point the manager got a little concerned with what she heard me saying to the lady (Susan), so i asked to place her on hold so that the manager could tell me that she had a prior experience similar to what it sounded like i was having. After returning to the line i mentioned to Susan that i was concerned about this call as well. Told her about USBI convincing the manager to change over to them and that it turned out to be a scam. She said "oh yes, we know about them. The FCC is involved and they are in big trouble for billing our customers." We continued the conversation, she said we would save $12.95 for each line we have with them (6 lines), and also we would not be billed for the long distance of $60.76. She said that would be $77.70 off of "plans and services" and then the Long Distance of $60.76 would equal $138.46. The only thing we would actually have to pay for long distance would be $12.95. So that would actually be a savings of $125.51. Oh and you would save like $1500 in a year. She was super convincing that she was with AT&T. She then told me i will call you back on May 29 so we can go over the bill together. She asked again if i had any questions, and that I would have to answer 6 questions from an FCC agent and that i would have to just answer yes or no. If the answer was no that he would have to have me talk to her again. So it went as she said, he confirmed a few things with she and i on the phone and then to her she was done and then it was just he and i talking. He asked his 6 questions, i have to admit, they made me really uncomfortable, but i said yes to the first 5 questions and then was a little unsure about the last question, so i asked him what he meant, but then still said yes. He said he was going to call back to confirm that I was actually at the location. So sneaky. He called back like he said he would. Then she called back to go over that last question he had asked that i wasn't sure about. they basically gave me the customer service number to Preferred Customer service. Today 04/24/15 we got a fax addressed to me. The first clue to me that i have been "had" was that my last name was spelt wrong. I spelt my name to both of them and i know they had it right. The second clue was that on the faxed paper work it shows our toll free long distance number and then shows a number that it translates to ... this number was not actually any of our 6 numbers with AT&T. Another thing about the fax, our address was off too. We are in South Padre Island, not San Padre Isle. Right away i called AT&T to ask about the call yesterday, and right away she said "NO that was not from us". She said she could put a note or a hold on our account so there would not be a change made, but that i needed to call them right away to cancel. So i did call Preferred Long Distance, finally got a person named Melissa. She asked me my account number. I went on to tell her that i had been scammed and that i wasn't sure what number they wanted, she was a little irritated with me. So i gave her the phone number and she gave me the name on the account and said she would cancel the change to them. i told her about my phone call from someone claiming to be from AT&T, and she said no one from her company would do that. She was sorry that this happened to me, but she really didn't care about how they did it. She hung up on me.

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  • Va
      14th of Jul, 2015
    Preferred Long Distance - Scammed!
    Vail Insurance Services
    United States

    I wish I had research Preferred Long Distance before I switched. They promised me my bills would be far less than AT&T. When I received my first bill, it was $200 more for just one month. I am cancelling them immediately! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH Preferred Long Distance. This was a HUGE mistake!!!

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