Precision Tint Dale Mabry / Inept & Dishonest

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The following is not slander but actual experience: I took my 2010 Dodge Challenger to "Precision Tint" to install an alarm (recently had car stereo stolen). I was quoted $129.00 to install an alarm system. I dropped off my car at 9 am and was told it would take 3 hours. I called 3 hours later and they said it would take another 2 hours. I called 2 hours later and they said pick the car up at 4pm. I showed up at 4pm and no alarm was installed because they said they didn't have a module they needed to make it work. They said they could order the module but it would then cost me $229.00. I declined the system. When I return home I find that my leather jacket and tools from my trunk are missing. I called the Owner "Fernando" and he said it waasn't his problem and that they aren't responsible. I went to the shop the next morning and "Geraldo" & "Tito" the guys who were supoosedly working on my car said they didn't know anything. So I didn't get an alarm system and my stuff was stolen while at the place that was supposed to be installing an alarm to stop theft...ironic isn't it. I don't want money from this place, I don't want any products from this place... I want my leather jacket and tools back. curiously there was was 20 miles added during the time that my car was parked there at their shop...again I'm sure they know nothing about this. I wouldn't recommend anyone going to "Precision Tint" on Dale Mabry unless of course you desire the treatment that I received.

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