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I went to Precision time for replacing battery for my high end Rado watch which I have bought from Switzerland. I asked the counter lady whether can do this work and she told yes. I gave the watch, and she tried to put the back cover on, failed and failed over and over.

I told her not to do the work and give me the watch. She handed me the watch, the crystal was broken, and also she lost one of the part which ties the battery on to the place. She told, she will talk to her manager and get it fixed.

This incident happened 1.5 months before, whenever I call the manager he says they will give me the fixed watch. I have lost faith in them, and I think he is just buying more time. Rado parts can be expensive also. They also didnt offer me a replacement watch.

What are the options for me here? I have to add, watch doesnt have any problem before I went to the dealer. Can I sue this dealer?

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  • Sq
      Feb 22, 2009
    Precision Time - They broke my watch and won't resolve the issue.
    Precision Time
    United States

    I brought a vintage watch I have had since the late 1970s (in great condition) to Precision time to get a new battery. I was talked into getting the crystal replaced as the original crystal had a few scratches. Well, they broke the watch, bent the hands, and scratched the face of the watch.

    It has been OVER 3 Months and I am still working to get this issue resolved. They initially told me it would take 4-6 weeks to get it repaired. Now after 3 months they admit that it is beyond repair and it has been close to another 2 weeks and I am still waiting for them to "get the watch back to the store" before they will issue the check. This is after they told me it would only be "a week or so". This is a time company that has failed to meet time deadlines on at least 4 occasions on this issue alone.

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  • Jo
      Mar 05, 2010
    Precision Time - Horrible service
    Precision Time
    United States

    Bought a watch at Precision Time on saturday and went to return it 4 days later. Was told I couldnt because it had fingerprints on it. The watch never came out of the box. The reciepts says nothing about that on its return policy. the service was poor and rude and I will never go there again. Precision time lost a customer for life which is sad because I have bought 7 watches from them in the past all over $100 and always get the batteries changed from them. the lady behind the counter might as well called me a lier.

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