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Precision Auto Leasing / Fraud

1 800 s andrews, davie floridaDavie, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 8008698334

they are gone, no longer an office there.

i was promised they would go public in 60 days and still no feedback.

i want my money back and they will not give it to me.

can someone please help?

i will pay anything to get my money back...

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  • Av
      30th of Nov, 2010
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    you are so full of crap, what r u trying to accomplish???? you are not even an investor, what r u trying to prove by placing a lie on line????

  • Rr
      5th of Jan, 2011
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    I've invested $1000 with this crook! I have been to the office on andrews Ave a few times. My boyfriend was going to invest, but after doing his homework & looking into the owner anthony Nuzzo he is a fraud. He never was a registered stock broker his company is not registerd with the SEC to go public & I want my money back! Should I call the FBI, SEC or the State's Attorney's office??? Who do I have to call HELPPPPPPPP

  • Du
      5th of Jan, 2011
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    To the disgruntled ex-employee who wrote this, first of all, you spelled our stockholder's name incorrectly, it's R. Renaldi and after just speaking with her, she knows nothing about this claim of fraud or return of her investment and we are therefore proceeding with full prosecution.
    -Kathryn O'Brien, President
    800.869.8334 ext 101

  • Te
      9th of Feb, 2011
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    The same Kathryn O'Brien from Auto Solutions? Which was supposed to go public too? Smart of you, thanks for providing me with your new contact information since you bailed out of your office on Dixie Hwy and I couldn't find you. You will be hearing from my attorney

  • Du
      10th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Dear Texas Ranger... It would be nice if you used a real name as any real business person would and provide contact information. Obviously, you are the same employee we are trying to find to prosecute. You will note that I included a phone number in a previous post so I could be contacted. You will also note it is the same number you used in your first post under the name of j.a. sr back in November of last year. It has not changed! Any child could go on the internet or call information and get our phone and address. Our Auto lot is where it has always been. If you were a real shareholder you would have received investor update letters and would know that our business is cash flow positive, expanding and we are about to go public. Our real investors are excited about the direction of the company! Please note that each time you attempt to slander the company you are only adding to your legal troubles. We will eventually catch up with you! BY the way, please post your lawyers name and phone number or email it to me at as we would love to contact them.
    Kathryn O'Brien, President--- 800-869-8334 ext 101 (the call is free!)

  • Te
      24th of Feb, 2011
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    Just a FYI the Florida Attonrey General's Office (Pam Bondi) was contacted & given all of your information along with Anthony's criminal background history. If you think for one minute that you will continue to get away with the FRAUD that you have been commiting I feel sorry for you. I hope Ms. Kathryn O'Brien that you have put aside some money for an Attorney for yourself. Filing an Edgar filing was the worst mistake you could have ever done you just told on yourself. Do you really think that your bogus buy here rent here car lot is going public??? HAHAHAHAHA how funny that is. I have been informed that all of your investors will be contacted very shortly. How did you raise 2.3 million dollars before the fact? Anthony Nuzzo do you know that it is illegal to cold call investors & lie to them, you DO NOT have a license and you never did, it's only a matter of time it will be worth every penny that I invested to sit back and watch this happen

  • Nu
      8th of Oct, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Nuzzo and Obrien are FRAUDS!! Precision is nothing but a "small" used car lot run by felons whom pocket any money they receive from unknowing investors! Please do not invest a single cent to them; they use "your" money to personally fund their own lavish lifestyle!!! They're both crooks and the attorney general, along with the SEC will ensure these fraudsters live out their days in a nice 6x8 cell! Cage them up like the crooked animals they are! They epitomize "sweet-talking" used car salespeople. They have no shame and smile as they lie to you and steal anything they can from your accounts. Do your homework on them and you will see they are crooked. A class action suit is pending against the corporation and each of them individually. Do not believe one word from these liars...nor think they are innocent or can sue you for slander, libel, etc..they are all bark and no bite...they each know the wrongs they have and continue to commit and know prosecution for their crimes...consisting of millions of coming...I can't wait to see their final judgement will be a bittersweet end to many whom have suffered great financial losses...

  • Pe
      9th of Oct, 2012
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    My name is Robert C Clark, I work for a CPA Firm in the name of Eric Berkowitz CPA, PA in Stuart, Florida. This firm was hired by Precision Auto Leasing, Inc. to handle certain accounting and tax related matters. At the time the firm was hired I did my own due diligence with the desire to find out who we were going to be providing services to each month. Initially I googled the company and the people connected to the business. What I found created apprehensions and concern. The postings by several people alleging everything from fraud to theft had me doubting who had retained the firm and that, as most people think, that where there is smoke there must be fire. I decided to not put the cart before the horse and find out if there was any basis to the allegations. Over the last four months, what I have witnessed first hand has not only eliminated any questions or concerns, the actions of this company have demonstrated to me how slanderous those postings I found on the Internet truly are to the company and those connected to the company, more specifically to Kathryn O'Brien and Anthony Nuzzo. What I have also witnessed is a work ethic that is beyond approach, They have been maliciously attacked with no basis. Their business model is incredible and they have delivered on every representation and commitment they have made to our firm and as we have reviewed the source documents of their business activity I am shocked that there was anything negative to say about them or the company. If all of our clients conducted themselves and their businesses in the fashion they have done it would make our job so much easier. I share this with anyone I come in contact with because they deserve for an unbiased person to state the truth and have the record set straight. I applaud their business ethics and their results. Great Job Precision and it's staff.


    Robert C Clark

  • Jc
      13th of Oct, 2012
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    Precision Auto Leasing owners,
    My name is Jeff Cramblit. I am one of you and been working this week on trying to understand where things stand and want to share what I have learned.
    First let me remind you that Precision is “our” company, not just another stock we purchased, we are the owners. The decisions that we make today will affect what happens tomorrow. The question is: when is it time to panic and give up. We have all held on for a long time together and there is reason for concern, I grant you that. A lack of information to base our decisions on has been the biggest problem facing us. That is about to change.
    I have had long phone conversations with Anthony Nuzzo, a couple of investor partners and the Colt Ledger Company’s owner. I will call him “Colt” going forward. They are all good people with their hearts in the right place. I am not here to bad mouth anybody, there is no place for that in business if you want a good outcome. I am a Realtor and negotiating/communicating is second nature to me. This is the approach I want to share and encourage.
    Anthony is aware for the need to communicate in no uncertain terms where things stand. He told me that he’ll be sending us an update very soon. It will not be the Profit and Loss statements but it will be an overall company update. (The accountants are working on them.) The doors of PAL are open and the accountants are working long hours to get the job done. There is a lot of on-going 2012 business that hits the books each and every month. (Again more accounting work to do) This volume of business must be logged correctly while the re-organization of the past years takes place. (Not an easy thing to do from a pure accounting position) The challenge created from poor book keeping going back to our inception, represents hundreds of hours of work to bring the past into compliance. It has taken far longer than expected. I personally believe that the conversation that I have had with Bobby, (One of the accountants hired) was from an honest man’s point of view and it gave me confidence that things are workable and recoverable. He shared with me that this company was created and organized in good faith with no reason to worry. Do we really want to shoot our own foot at this time and make waves just before things might get back on track? I don’t. What’s a few more months at this point?
    If the internet fills up with disgruntled investor comments and blogs we will lose the opportunity to ever see this company come to fruition.
    The Colt Ledger type company is a needed service company in these days of investing. There are crooks everywhere and I respect what Colt is providing to the community. I question the timing issue only. When is the right time to panic and bring in his type service? Again, if we choose to believe that our mutually owned company is at risk of losing our investments we must know all the facts about the current situation before we make things worse. I for one am convinced that a little more time is warranted. There is not much to lose in the big picture by waiting a little longer. It is not going to change anything anytime soon to hire Colt except more cash out of our pockets. He discloses, frankly, that cash recovery is a long shot and a very long process, if ever.
    Colt is a great guy with good intentions and is willing to work with PAL’s management and to look at all the facts, if presented. I believe that communications about Colt’s issues are forthcoming but this is out of our hands and requires caution. We can only hope that his initial involvement will be to achieve positive results. PAL management is doing everything possible to make 2013 a growth year after the obvious setbacks. A list of inventory is being produced for all to see. Anthony made a great buy at the auction today on a Toyota Avalon. Please keep the faith with me and understand that the work load is heavy and keeping the overhead down is the goal. They are not wasting money but are stream-lined at this time for the benefit of all. Please help me in supporting their efforts. I appreciate their work ethic. Pretty amazing really, when you think about it, they are not communications experts and don’t have a staff that helps out, that is why I am willing to give them a break for now and support what they are doing for the good of All.
    Update: today PAL sent me a copy of a very extensive inventory list, hundreds of cars, and the sales data in excell spread sheets only. It looks good. (forth coming to all investors) You can call me at any time. 512-415-1726 I would like to have all investor's contact information.
    This company is strong and making money, has a future. The personal attacts in this forum are outrageous and not accurate.
    PS: Bobby Clark's post is great informaion and I believe to be an accurate assessment. Thank you Bobby.

    Colt is scheduled to be in the hospital for a procedure next week, join me in wishing him a speedy recovery. Jeff Cramblit a fellow investor and owner in PAL

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