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1 Chennai, India

This is my experience with the developer named S DILLIBABU (Mobile-[protected], [protected], [protected]). I met him at one Yoga center last year. He introduced himself as a builder in Chennai. He appeared to be very calm. I was very much impressed with his activities.

Needless to say, this person was my first choice, when I was ready to construct my very first house along with my brother. He quoted Rs.1500 per square foot with all high quality materials. He started to discuss with us regularly in the week ends. Later we came to understand that he had no knowledge in Vaasthu design. So we have had to consult another expert. After few revisions, one design got finalized.

Then, we handed over all the paper works to this builder. To our surprise, he had no awareness with the process flow of legal procedures too. We became bit worried about our choice. Finally, after 2 months of long struggle, he managed to get the plan approval. It was a panchayat approval. Usually we can get the approval within 15 days of time.

When we were about to start the construction, the builder stated that he made mistake in measuring our irregular shaped land. At this point we became extremely devastated. He wanted us to bring the surveyor. At the very beginning stage, we asked the builder to bring the surveyor for measurement. Even he also confirmed about the visit of surveyor at that time and collected money from us for bribe. Later he refused and stated that he never said like it.

We lost our trust in the builder. Having realized his lack of construction skills, inabilities and lies, we stopped our dealing with him. His real game started then.

He started to demand Rs.1.5 lacs as a salary for 3 months. He claimed that his Autocadd drawings were costly and he spent about Rs.90000 for scheme drawing alone. One day he brought some locals for settlement following which we gave him the entire money as cash.

My brother became very upset with his deceitful practices. Eventually this matter brought more misunderstanding between me and my brother.

To anyone who want to hire him, please keep our experience in the mind. Mr.Dilli Babu is a PAPER BUILDER. He will never construct building in the land; but only in the paper drawings.

Aug 22, 2016

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