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I placed an order for an electronic cigarette on [protected]. I was aware of the 10 day free trial and to cancel beforehand. I have two 1-800 numbers in my cell phone, one dated march 19 and one dated march 22nd. No other 800 numbers since then. One of those numbers was theirs. They have since changed it, but I know that was one of them.

I told the customer service rep on the telephone that I wanted my membership canceled so that I could buy the items for the e-cigarette as I needed them, not at their once a month price when they pleased. The dates on these telephone calls prove that I did this before their ten day "free" trial ended, which is stated on their site begins the day you order.

$149.90 came out of my checking account on March 29th as was expected due to the weekend.

There is now a pending amount for $69.90 in my online statement. It showed up two days ago on April 4th. Today I called and spoke to a different customer service rep. She basically told me the first person I spoke with did NOT cancel my membership. She also told me that since there was no entry in their computers at all, that there was nothing she or I could do about it.

I asked her if I could ship it back for a refund and eat the shipping. She also refused and said she could not.

Alas, I did not get a rep ID the first time I called, or if I did I cannot find where I wrote it down. But something inside me is telling me that that would not help anyways, as there was no "documentation" on their end.

Do not fall for this.

I saw this as an ad on a website I frequent. Do NOT sign up for the free trial. Go directly to and buy anything individually if you want.

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