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POWNetwork,org / Trade Libel - Libel & Slander per se- Extortion - RICO

1 302 WalnutSkidmore Missouri, MO, United States Review updated:
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POWNETWORK.ORG (POW Network) was investigated by Shamscam author Bill English. Apparently, this resulted in his being made a victim of their defamation, stating "POWNETWORK.ORG is a tax-evading, criminal scam corporation run from Skidmore, Missouri by Chuck and Mary Schantag have posted an illegal, defamatory web page accusing me of somehow being a "phony"--which shows they have a reckless disregard for the truth and facts."

PI Investigator, David D'Antonio, findings link POW Network to private enterprises that financially benefit from libel and slander of others, who overtly work in concert with POWNETWORK as "one lies the other swears to it." They drive traffic to each other and financially benefit via third party donations, what appears to be an old fashioned shakedown. “My investigation revealed POW was lending credence to defamation of others by notorious troll bridge websites, like, who profit by this” says D’Antonio.
POWNETWORK post what appears to be links to websites where D‘Antonio makes the false allegations about himself. The [censored]edil;ade includes what appears to be an admission of guilt by representing D'Antonio apologized when no such apology took place. The links go nowhere.

POWNETWORK are attributing claims to D'Antonio such as he stated he killed 226 men, which he never made. Evidently, intended to defame him and overshadow his findings with regards to POWNETWORK/ link a well as force him to comply to buy into MA franchise. Given, D'Antonio is business competitor to patrons of bullshido who financially benefit from defamation of anyone who teaches Ninjutsu. Had D'Antonio payed with his silence as well as became a franchisee he could have the libelous and slanderous allegations about him removed.

Likewise, I, too, have been approached and told if I made payment to an unrelated party the defamation of me would stop, as well.

POWNETWORK purports I made false claims regarding my military service, which I litigated in actions of libel and slander. The same sources POW Network directs others to were exposed as having no substantiated evidence to support the allegation.
POW's investigator Chuck Hardin who also works for bullshido (before his removal for unethical conduct) was exposed as having engaged in fabricating evidence in order to corrupt testimony available online that directly contradicts the allegations of POWNetwork & bullshido. see: Frank Dux v Bullshido

POW certainly posts it is aware of my litigation for libel and slander. Yet, the website directs others to these sources exposed in court proceedings as having made false and inflammatory allegations about me. Their alleged evidence also exposed, as fraudulent on its face.

One of the defendants in my litigation is POWNETWORK associate Larry Bailey, who in his own interrogatories states he could not find evidence to support the claims as being against me on POWNETWORK. The only reason for such inflammatory and false material to be put on the page is to extort money from me as was attempted to others, demonstrative of criminal behavior. In this case it is words on websites not bullets that are the weapons.
It has been suggested such tortuous actions falls within possible RICO action and Gertz v. Robert Welch, Inc., 418 U.S. 323, [protected]) but the reality is the high cost of protracted litigation and odds of recovery are so slim, all one can do is hope law enforcement get involved and the public be made aware so they are not defrauded by others preying upon their sentiment.

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  • Li
      31st of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    These guys are a joke. They "investigated" me several years ago. They claim they spoke to me, but I've never spoken to Bailey. I found out years later that my ex-wife (I was going through a divorce at the time) and her sister took part in it. I actually have a sworn affidavit from my ex-wife (we later reconciled our friendship) that she had her boyfriend talk to Bailey and pretend to be me. He didn't even try to verify the information! In fact, this guy was calling my employer as soon as he got a so called "tip" about me - before he ever attempted to speak with me first!

    They are noting more than schoolyard bullies who push people around on the internet, in an attempt to make themselves seem significant. If Bailey is such a hero, then why was he passed over for promotion in the navy and forced to retire? They do have admirals in the navy don't they? Is this why he has to work as a substitute teacher to supplement his income? If Watterman is such a great writer, then why does he have to sell Amsoil out of his house on his self-promoting website? These guys are a joke. I applaud their service to our country, but stop using it to stir people up and shake em' down for cash. It's pathetic.

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