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I mistakenly signed up for something else (refunds on way) and this company somehow has been able to get into my account now too.
I have never heard of 'Powersale' and certainly never chose to sign up with them.
On 6/19 they charged my account 38.34.
Their customer service number 'cannot be completed as dialed'. It is supposedly [protected].

The companies that are perhaps responsible for this company having my numbers are:


grant masters and/or

the sellers lounge

It may seem like only a little money, but I can't afford it once, much less monthly and these charges have caused a cascade of bounced checks.

I currently have my debit acct. frozen, but would appreciate any help.
I don't know what these guys do, where from or whether or not it might continue.

any help will be appreciated- thank you,
Ophelia Omai

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      Jul 08, 2009

    I am in the same position! I just checked my bank statement because thing did not jive and found a debit from some Powersale that I know for a fact I didnt order from. The amount that they took out was $72.21 unauthorized! These idiots need to be STOPPED cold in their tracks. I am afraid that they are linked to stupid lying sack of crap Google! I had to call them once already for a refund of $34 some odd dollars that they charged my account without authorization!! This crap is bull____!

    Any help here would also be a great help since my family cant afford this to be happening along with many others!


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  • C
      Jul 08, 2009

    SCAM! It is linked with Google Treasure Chest; Safelock ID, BlazingWords and Google Money Tree scams.

    Where to file a complaint (as unlike the BBB the following have the authority to take legal action): (Federal Trade Commission) (FBI Internet Crimes Division)

    Your state Attorney Generals office:

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  • B
      Jul 12, 2009
    PowerSale - Illegal debit/credit withdrawal
    United States

    I have found two unauthorized withdrawals in the amount of $72.21 against my Debit/Credit card. The first was made by POWERSALE on 6/25/09, the second by a company called ADWORD for the same amount on 7/10/09. Additionally, two unauthorized charges for $38.34 each were made on 6/24/09 by a company called Grant Masters. The latter is located in the Philippines.

    Isn't there something that can be done about this?

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  • N
      Jul 13, 2009

    I too saw 2 charge transactions on my debit card for $38.34 for a company called POWERSALE and GRANTMASTERS and I called their number and they said they were going to refund my money.
    My transaction was a complete fraud, because who ever used my card had a California address and I live in Fl.
    So I called my bank and they put a block on my card and re-issue a new one.


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  • T
      Jul 14, 2009
    PowerSale - CREDIT CARD SCAM
    United States

    beware of this misleading and fony site company name POWERSALE this is a ripped off copy paste link

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      Jul 14, 2009

    bogus website

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  • J
      Jul 15, 2009
    PowerSale - charges to my credit card I didn't authorize
    United States

    charged 72.79 to my credit card that were not authorized. how can I get that money back? Is there a phone number to call?

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  • S
      Jul 21, 2009

    samething happened to me 72.21 gone they charge my cc on 7/21 can i get my money back?

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  • H
      Jul 22, 2009

    I am also a victim. They charged me $ 72.21 on 6/23/09 and now Visa tells me that they just charged me again for the same amount. They are in such a hurry to steal my money that they do not even wait a full month!I had Visa cancel my card and they will reissue a new one.
    Powersale indicates a phone number under [protected] but it is imp0ssible to get anyone as they claim "they are assisting other customers and will reply asap" ... what a joke!

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      Jul 22, 2009

    I have been fraudulently charged on 6/23/09 $72.21 by Powersale (whatever and whoever they are, I have not got a clue) and when protesting with Visa, I was informed that there is just a new charge for the same amount, already days ahead of the "next deadline". Those thieves are obviously in a hurry to cash in as long as they can ... and I, a senior citizen, will not let them, if there is any means left in our legal system to stop the crooks.
    It is somewhat odd that, when checking the internet complaints, there is also talk of $ 38.34. I have been charged that amount twice by Grant Finder and Grant Masters (who, when calling them, admit to being the same people!) and I would not be surprised if this "coincidence" of same-amount charges point into the direction of Powersale, Grant Finder and Grant Masters all being the same bandits that need to be put behind bars asap!
    Incidentally, Visa has been of great help in immediately canceling the card and issuing a new one under a different number. How this will look in my credit reports is, of course, a different matter ...
    PS: I have been indicated by Visa a phone number [protected] for Powersale but there is either always a busy sign or a machine informs about their being busy assisting "other customers". Perhaps some of those other victims will try with better luck?

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      Aug 03, 2009
    PowerSale - fraudulant charges to bank account
    United States

    apparently this company is connected with grant masters online, which I never ordered in the first place. but they took 72.21 from my account, the exact amount that blazingwords took, and 38.34 from grantmasters. when I tryed to cancel and get refund they gave me a false link which dose not exsist. I still have no idea what this company does or sales or what ever.

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  • H
      Aug 09, 2009
    PowerSale - Scam charges
    United States

    My bank statement showed that the above company charged me $63.78 twice on one statement exactly one month apart. I have notified the BBB in Utah as well as my local sheriff's department and will now notify the Internet Crime Complaint Center. These people must be stopped! I am on a fixed income and the charges made my account overdrawn.

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