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I contacted PNG to have them take over my Toll Free phone line services at the end of June. I filled out and returned all the paperwork to do this at that time, in a timely manner as requested and assumed they had established the service. They charged my credit card for $7.32 on 8/2/10 for the first month of service.

Today on August 27 - nearly two months later, they called informing me that the service had never been established. Yet they billed me anyway and were about to bill me another $7.32 again. I asked them why it took them two months to let me know that they were having issues establishing my service and they blamed it on the company that they were trying to get to release my number. I was not happy with the fact that 1)They never established service 2)Billed me anyway 3)Took two months to let me know they had not been able to establish service and 4)Refused to issue me the credit for the $7.32. Because of this, I told them to close the account and again they refused to credit back the $7.32 to my credit card. They made it sound like they were doing me a favor for not billing me the next $7.32 and made it clear, even when I talked to a supervisor, that they would NOT be refunding my initial $7.32.

As a matter of principal, I refuse to pay for service that was never established and the substandard service I did get - taking two months for them to inform me that service could not be established, while all the while charging me for the account. I am disputing there charge with my credit card company and the BBB to request that Powernet Global credit back the $7.32 to my credit card which they have on file. Since they have already refused to do so, today I begin to spread the word online about the horrible experience I've had with this company.


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