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Paid for the 1 - 70 with 10k gold. For the first 3 days they got from level 5 - 19. On the 3rd day, I was like why are they leveling so slow, so i logged into my rogue on another account and found my player running around is giant circles. I watched for 1 hour and then decided that they was botting my account.

So, i went online and changed my password back, logged into the game with the account they sould of been PLing, I noticed they didn't do any quests since level 5, they must of just bot my accont the whole time.

They will get your account closed, they scam artsiest, I didn't a paypal claim to get my money back. I got a full refund from paypal. Scam

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  • Sl
      Sep 18, 2008 - 15.99
    United States

    Same as the others, paid for a simple power leveling service. What I got instead was my account was suspended and some bs message that everything will be "alright" from them. Don't waste your money or time with these scam artists.

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  • An
      Sep 27, 2008 - shady business
    United States

    As stated by the previous poster, i advice against using the services of this company. I ordered a 1-70 service and two days later i got a 24 hours suspension for ingame trading, most likely wowgold. once the suspension was lifted they managed to behave for 3 days before i got another suspension, this time 72 hours and it was my last warning before a perm ban.
    twice they asked me to give them another chance and they promised that they wouldnt jeoperdize the accout yet they did.

    I've learned this the hard way but the cheaper perices the [censored]ier service.

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  • Sp
      Nov 20, 2008

    This was my experiance with there online live help

    candy 11-20 14:11:48

    Hello, welcome to our live help, my name is Candy, may i know your name?
    You 11-20 14:11:55

    candy 11-20 14:12:36

    what can i do for u ?
    You 11-20 14:13:02

    Id like a complete refund of my order and if you cant do that id like to speak with a supervisor
    candy 11-20 14:14:05

    can u tell me what is the problem ? surpovisor is not here, he will come 2 hours later ?
    You 11-20 14:16:38

    Well ive waited for about a month now to recieve the powerleveling I have ordered and I have only recieved 4 levels ive complained complained and complained and all you guys tell me is "We will power level you fast, Please be patiant" ive been patiant and now im very angry. it was suppose to be done with in 7-8 days but then I was told it would take longer because of the patch so I said ok, 7-8 later I come back and they say they will contact the leveler 4 days later nothing is happening here it is a month later and you guys have only leveled me 4 times
    candy 11-20 14:17:13

    Can you tell me your order number ?
    You 11-20 14:17:39

    You 11-20 14:18:07

    My account hasnt been touched in like 3 weeks
    candy 11-20 14:18:09

    hold on plz
    You 11-20 14:18:11

    You 11-20 14:33:06

    You still there?
    candy 11-20 14:33:20

    You 11-20 14:33:37

    So am i gonna get this refund?
    candy 11-20 14:36:25

    sorry, what i can do now is to ask the stupid guy to level now and do hurry up for u
    candy 11-20 14:36:32

    i do not have right to refund
    candy 11-20 14:36:44

    and he ---i mean the leveler is shaking
    You 11-20 14:37:38

    ... Who can I talk to, To get a refund, Every time ive complains you guys have told me that, and every time I fall for it, and guess what, every time nothing happens
    candy 11-20 14:38:13

    u can come later
    candy 11-20 14:38:18

    and find my manager
    You 11-20 14:38:34

    When will that be?
    candy 11-20 14:39:29

    3 hours later
    You 11-20 14:39:37

    Ok and whats your managers name?
    candy 11-20 14:39:49

    You 11-20 14:40:09

    Ok thank you for your time ill be back in 3 hours
    candy 11-20 14:40:52

    it is my pleasure to serve u

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  • Ka
      Dec 07, 2008 -
    United States

    OMG these people got kept getting my account closed and everytime I harassed them over live help they woudl just say "plz dont worry we ill protect your account". Then after only 6 levels in 2 weeks, way slow, my accoutn was closed and I couldn't get ti back. They insisted nto their fault I must've logged in or something but I didn't. They wouldn't give me a refund at at all no matter how much I harassed, showed proof of their misuse of my account (screenshots sent to me by my friends of myc haractor botting, and harassing people for gold), they wouldn't give me and king of refund. The customer service sucks they barely speak english and I'm pretty sure it's all the same person but with different names(Ruth, Pilot, Candy, Mary, ect.) and they also try as m uch as possible to never respond so they can time out. So infurirating. So now I lost my lvl54 account that had 4 months on it, all the expansion packs, and meant so much to me. The site is a bad bad scam...Don't use it! If anyone else has had similar experiences or feels the same way please contact me at [protected] and maybe there is a way to take these suck ### scammers down.

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  • Cu
      Dec 12, 2008

    this is definitely the worst power leveling experience. first of all, the power level speed is incredible slow. it is like 1 level per 3-4 full day playtime. so expect 1 month from 70-80. secondly, the char will alway stay in one spot grinding and never move out that area any more. the most important part is that it looks like they are using some sort of program running your char. it went like: spamming spell, mob dead, 5 sec, loot, 10s to recover HP, next target... and your char would never defend at all if being ganked. I wish I have read the complaint here earlier. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

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  • Ss
      Feb 25, 2009 - 15.99
    United States

    Don't ever choose their service, they got my account suspended for 5 days, and refused to refund after I emailed and talked to their customer service a few times. And don't need to mention it took them 7 days to level my character from 39 to 55. Avoid to use their service at any cost.

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  • Ma
      Mar 09, 2009 - Fraud

    It's all a big scam. I paid for powerleveling, they leveled my account 1 lvl, I got banned, and no refunt etc. etc. Agree with all the rest.

    This company is a big scam, never buy anything there.

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  • Mo
      May 09, 2009 is just a a HUGE scam for money!Well to start off they promised they'd NEVER get my account banned and promised a FULL REFUND if they did, and i really wanted a DK so i chose the lvl 35-70 and they said it would take about a week to lvl but it took themlike a fricken month!And when i was lvl 70 they got my account banned for 3days and sold all my gear and mount so i asked them to give me at least 1/5 refund back but they wouldnt agree!NEVER EVER use!THEY RIP YOU OFF!!!

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  • Th
      Jun 26, 2009

    ummer 06-26 21:56:42

    we just have record you have paid 56$ more, but we dont have the package

    You 06-26 21:57:10
    so there is no record what the $56.00 is for???

    summer 06-26 21:57:32

    just the name

    summer 06-26 21:57:41
    1-80 gift package

    You 06-26 21:58:07
    so just a name detailes unknowen?

    summer 06-26 21:58:37

    ye a

    You 06-26 21:58:52
    so we do not know what the $56.00 is for?

    summer 06-26 21:59:10


    You 06-26 21:59:16
    ok :(

    You 06-26 21:59:52
    kk tyvm i will leave you know

    summer 06-26 21:59:55


    summer 06-26 21:59:55


    You 06-26 22:00:00
    you have a good day :(

    summer 06-26 22:00:33
    have a nice day !:) And thanks for your choosing our service.:

    You 06-26 21:12:59
    so i f i am right do to the pler breaking the deal my account is now bann. so you guys can not complete the order due to this. and will not refund my payemnt for service not completed. please simply let me know if this is right?

    summer 06-26 21:13:33

    yea, i am afriad so

    stay away from

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  • Lu
      Jul 07, 2009

    I was screwed too. How did you get your money back from paypal i am trying to do the same thing. Plz email lucas.[protected]

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  • Ny
      Sep 06, 2009 - Blackmailing Theifs!
    Canada is a ###ing scam. They black mailed me, Threatened me, and took my ###ing money without giving me ### in return:

    Thank you for visiting our website.Please wait for a minute . There will be one operator talking with you.

    We can help you no matter what problems you have. Any questions please contact with our live help.

    Cutomer Service Dude 09-06 21:07:23
    Hello, welcome to our live help, my name is Michael, may i know your name?
    Okay, so your order will be finished very soon, you can wait our email

    You 09-06 21:22:25
    I was informed by the last person I spoke to that the account would be finished by tomorrow and it would be leveled at least once within 2 hours. Your powerleveler has been on my account for almost 3 hours, and nothing has happened

    Cutomer Service Dude 09-06 21:23:26

    really? okay i will tell the manager about this

    You 09-06 21:23:56
    Is it possible for me to speak to the manager?

    Cutomer Service Dude 09-06 21:24:26

    he is not online

    You 09-06 21:24:38
    Well when IS he online?

    Cutomer Service Dude 09-06 21:26:02

    On Wednesday

    You 09-06 21:26:25
    Okay, can I stop my order than?

    Cutomer Service Dude 09-06 21:28:14

    what do you mean?

    You 09-06 21:28:39
    Cancel it

    Cutomer Service Dude 09-06 21:29:44

    Okay fine, but the lvler has used the money, so we cant refund you then

    You 09-06 21:30:31
    Thats fine I'll dispute it with paypal. Not a problem

    Cutomer Service Dude 09-06 21:31:05

    Okay, and we will sue you, and we will contact Blizzard and ban this account

    Cutomer Service Dude 09-06 21:31:23

    So we both have 50% chance to get the few money, actually we have more evidence,

    Cutomer Service Dude 09-06 21:31:46

    we have 10000+ lvlers here, they will report this char to Blizzard just one time, ban it easily
    Cutomer Service Dude 09-06 21:32:21

    actually you can tell them its hacked, and get it back, and then we will report it again and again till it perm banned

    Cutomer Service Dude 09-06 21:33:01

    Okay, arranging for the letter now

    You 09-06 21:40:23
    Just cancel the account, ###...what ever. Keep my money. No need for black mailing and threats

    Cutomer Service Dude 09-06 21:40:48

    Okay have a good day anyway


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  • Jd
      Dec 02, 2009

    I am in the same situation if you could email me and help me get my money back from paypal that'd be greatly appreciated [protected]

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  • Po
      Dec 07, 2009 - Fraud, Thief, Scam!!!!!
    United States IS!!! It is totally a SCAM!!! They changed my password and abused my toon by using it to advertise and spam in the in-game chat chanel on the last day of the contract!!! My WoW acct was CLOSED!!! All 4 toons in the account, all gears, and all golds are GONE!!!
    I ordered a power levelup service (10-day package) with on 10/30. The leveler didn't get up till two days later then he/she is gone for 5 days. At the 10th day, according to, my toon is only lvl 32 while I gave them a lvl17 on 10/30/09. At 1:30 AM on 11/9, I got an email from battlenet indicating that my password was changed. Within an hour, at 2:20 AM, I got another email from Blizzard that my account was CLOSED due to abusement of in-game chatting chanel by spamming and doing advertisement! It took me 4 days and at least 4-5 hrs online to talk to Bliz to get my account back while everything in it is GONE!! All my toons, all gears, all golds are GONE!!! denied everything and said my acct was banned due to lvler service. But I called and emailed Blizzard, I even got evidence from the GameMaster who in person CAUGHT the darn lvler doing advertisement. I contacted and was told they did nothing wrong so NO REFUND at all. I then posted a dispute on PayPal since that was the way I paid for the service. Powerleveling called me the very next day at 3:30AM and lied to me that I have to close the dispute first so they can get my full refund to me since mine is frozen due to the darn dispute. After I closed the dispute, they DID NOT give me all my money back. And the darn PayPal told me there is nothing can be done cause I closed the dispute without tlaking to PayPal first to confirm the condition. PayPal sucks and is a SCAM! I later looked into another lvling service : and found that both companies were registered under XIN NET TECHNOLOGY. They are the SAME company!! Don't be cheated by them!! They are the same thie[censored]
    1. delay power level up service (1-80 lvl package for 10day, but my toon was 17-32 lvl at the end)
    2. Stole my battlenet/WoW account and browse my pament info without my permission (changed my password)
    3. Abused my toon at WoW by promiting and spamming their own product.
    4. Refuse refund
    5. Harassed me at 3:30AM and lied to me that I have to close dispute so I can get my money back.
    6. IS while they show up as "competitors" in the market.

    Please forward my story to your friends at WoW. a.k.a. is a big SCAM website.

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  • Ja
      Feb 20, 2010 - 15.99
    United States

    Thank you for visiting our website.Please wait for a minute . There will be one operator talking with you.

    We can help you no matter what problems you have. Any questions please contact with our live help.
    luis 02-20 18:08:31
    hello this is luis, may i have ur name?:)
    You 02-20 18:08:33
    This is alex
    You 02-20 18:08:39
    i changed my account password
    You 02-20 18:08:57
    I read on a different website that is a scam
    You 02-20 18:09:19
    Thanks for nothing you ###.
    luis 02-20 18:09:25
    alex alex, i realllllllllly have no teeth to put on the better use for u .
    You 02-20 18:10:42
    no teeth?
    You 02-20 18:10:52
    ### you
    luis 02-20 18:10:57
    alright alright scam scam we are scam ok? ur satisfied ?
    luis 02-20 18:11:53
    ### me ? so long as u have that organ!
    You 02-20 18:13:24
    This is going on the internet..
    You 02-20 18:13:37

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