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powerleveling service / rip off

1 United States

I purchased a powerleveling package from this company they promised discreet leveling with no bots or glider programs. I logged on with another account to watch them in action. I saw my character head to a low lvl zone (my char is in 70s) and farm repeatedly from mob to mob repeating the same actions skinning leather. I have seen bot programs in action before and I knew this is what was happening.

The zone my character was botting in was a lvl 20ish zone, no exp or lvling there for me either. Immediately discouraged I regained control of my account and contacted customer service at their site.

They gave me numerous excuses and wanted access to my account again. I repeatedly refused and asked for either my money back or gold order in place of powerleveling service. They said this was not possible.

I told them if they did not reach some agreement with me that I was going to file a dispute with paypal. After saying that they told me they would hack my account, report me to Blizzard and even told me I was dumb for buying their service because they just planned on taking my money and there is nothing I can do about it, they thought this was funny.

So, I filed my dispute and am waiting to see what happens. I am still in shock over the treatment I recieved. I copied the transcript of the customer service chat log for PayPal, I still cant believe what they said to me.

Hope this helps someone else.


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