Powerful Life Inc - Ethos Gas Treatment / FRAUD

I purchased Ethos gas additive from Kacper Postawski in May '08 and after using all the product purchased, 12 bottles for $159.95 I called to get a refund for the purchase price - per their advertisement, FULL REFUND IF NOT SATISFIED!! Also I was to send in vouchers and receive $25.00 each month for 4 months. Totalling $100.00 this never happened. I contacted the company several times after not receiving any rebates. I was Informed that they were running behind and that they would catch up soon. Just send in the vouchers each month with my purchase, totalling $100.00 in fuel receipts. This was done for three out of the four months.
Powerful Life Internet Marketing are LIARS and the Ethos products are FRAUDULANT!!
I have letters stating that my vouchers
After complaining about not getting my vouchers they gave me a toll free number to call but it was NEVER answered.
I have NEVER gotten a call from them and NEVER got my purchase money back
BEWARE!!! BEWARE!!! BEWARE!!! Don't throw away your money!!


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