SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / deceptive marketing

1 Watertown, SD, United States

I purchased acaiberry on-line through an advertisement for a free sample if I paid shipping. Since then I have been charged $86.42 on my credit card twice in December, in January and February. I called the number listed on my credit card statement to see who this company is because I didn't recognize the name. It was disconnected so I looked them up on the internet to see they changed their name again. I called the number on the website and talked to a supervisor . He would not refund my money, was very rude, overtalked me, would not listen to me at all. I expained I already talked to them in February about the charges on my credit card in December and January. He would not listen. This is fraud and because they have my credit card number they think they have the right to keep charging my account. .

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