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Powerade Zero



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Contact information:
45 Cobblestone Dr.
Indiana, Pennsylvania
United States
Phone: 724-463-0828
I picked up two prowerade zero's because the price tag read $0.79 for 1 once I got home and looked at my receipt it read 2 @ 1/1.79 code #04900005072. Total for 2 was $3.58 and due to the fact that gas is high and I am disabled I didn't go back to the store. I wa shighley upset that the price was $1.79 for one.
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A  16th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
check your local walmart. I've been getting mine for 60 cents a bottle.
N  3rd of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
I regualry drink powerade and have recently been diapointed after buying the apparently new and improved powerade when infact it plainly tastes like water and i would say bring back the old! The old is far better and i would bring it back into stores. Im not the only one who has had this thought and financly i think you gain from bringing the old one back as you would sell more.
Thankyou for reading.
A  29th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
I was recently preyed upon, unknowingly, being asked if I would be interested in wrapping my vehicle, with the POWERADE ZERO logo's, in turn, advertising for POWERADE ZERO, and more importantly, being compensated $300.00 / week to do so! Now, I am a veteran, when it comes to detecting these internet scams, yet this seemed, somewhat legit, so I let the process proceed, knowing that if I was asked to invest, for my personal banking info, ss#, etc., I would immediately drop out. However, this was never the case, and it proceeded from e-mails, to Texts, to explicit instructions, as to how it would work, who would actually provide the wrapped logo, and installation, again, so far so good. Then I received a text, telling me a cashiers check would be USPS mailed to me, for not only my first week, but also the cost of the wrapping of the vehicle, so I could take my 300, retain the balance, and bring it to a local, predetermined vehicle logo company. OK, so I waited and sure enough, a cashiers check arrived, on the exact day, i was told it would, but with EXPLICIT instructions to deposit the check into my account, wait until the following day, for the deposit to clear, and then, take the balance, as well as my text, to a person, named in the document. At this point, I had a sneaky suspicion, I could be burying myself, or potential, help in committing an actual crime. So instead, i brought the cashiers check to my banker, did NOT deposit it, but asked to CASH it, figuring, if it were real, it would be honored, and at the least I could hold these monies, until all seemed on the up and up. Well you can probably write the ending, to my complaint, and saga, as sure enough my Banker indicated the check was indeed a counterfeit, and if i had indeed deposited it, and paid the majority to another person (the vehicle wrap company) the check eventually would have been returned, and sure enough I would have been buried, owing my bank, and becoming totally responsible, for the TOTAL cashiers check balance. Needless to say, I have filed complaints with my local authorities, and the FTC, as I have been instructed to, and have never heard back, from the supposed POWERADE ZERO representative. Lesson learned, and PLEASE BEWARE AS THIS IS A COMPLETE AND TOTAL SCAM - HEADS UP!
A  16th of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
I received this same offer via email. Thank you for posting your experience. I will report the email as spam
A  18th of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
I just received the same offer as well and was wondering if it was a scam or not. Thank you for the heads up.
N  22nd of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
I just experienced the exact same scam. Fortunately, I had my banker call the Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union to verify the validity of the check. Guess what? You guessed, the check was fraud. I text the person who kept sending me text messages about the fraud and they had the nerve to call my cellphone. I wasn't near the phone when they called...but God help their soul! What puzzled me about the entire process was that they sent me a check for $2778.40 when it should have only been for, per the email, $400. That sent red flags immediately. The instructions said to deposit the check. I asked(via text) why couldn't I just cash the check and the person only responded, "It must be deposited". The morning I was to suppose to deposit the check I informed the person(via text) that I was going to my bank and having them check the validity of the check and if all is well, I would forward the remaining $2178.40. I was told to keep $600 for 2 weeks pay. The remaining $2178.40 was to be sent Western Union/Money Gram to the Philippines(that's where the logo company headquarter is/was). That sent up red flags as well. I wondered why would a company trust me to pay another company to put the logos on my car. Wouldn't they be taking a huge risk? And then I asked myself, "Why wouldn't the two companies already have an agreement about payment to keep me from having to deal with that part of the situation?" BEWARE...HAVE YOUR BANKER VERIFY THE VALIDITY OF THE CHECK BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE!!
N  5th of Mar, 2014 by    0 Votes
Had precisely the same thing happen, deposited the check and several days later my bank informed me the check cleared and I sent the funds to the graphic artist to find out three days thereafter that the check was no good. Even though the bank said the funds were good and let me take the cash to send, they now overdrew my account and took the funds in my account to apply to the check. This is an absolute scam but I believe there is someone inside the bank at the other end where the check is drawn on working with the scammers letting them know when the check hit.
N  27th of Mar, 2014 by    0 Votes
If you call them, they might be able to help you get a refund. You might have to prove that the sign said only .79 cents. They can't just give away money for someone who might have misread the price tag. Good luck.

Elisa Jed | http://www.lansfordroofing.com

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