Power Sport Max / poor customer service and poor products

1 El Monte, CA, United States
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We purchase a 125 quad for my son here in Feb 2013. This quad has been broken more that is has run, it has about 20 hours on it and the machine has had a bad ignition switch, leaky carburetor and the chain has stretched so bad it jumps of the sprocket and cracked the starter cover/ plate. It takes weeks/months to get parts with very little help from the staff. We where told that these units are reliable and parts are available with no problems. When we questioned the about this the answer was yes we tell people that. Now I am having to deal with the manufacture directly because they cannot seem to get the parts for a machine that is ONE year old. I guess it is true you get what you pay for my bad. But I do not want anyone else to go through this and it kind of funny that on their website there are NO bad reviews!

Feb 18, 2014

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