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Power Home Technologies / Deceptive Sales Practicies

1 NC, United States Review updated:

When I was going over the initial contract with the salesman prior to installation, he explained to me about the initial 3 year contract period, but then told me that the contract would automatically renew itself on a month to month basis. My initial 3 year contract with them is up and I tried to cancel the contract so that I could sign up with another company offering the same service at one third the price. When I called to cancel the contract, I was told that the fine print of the original contract requires an automatic 3 year contract renewal so I am stuck with this company for the remainder of the current 3 year contract period.

I feel that I was a victim of deceptive sales practices in that the sales representative did not accurately explain the automatic renewal requirements. Had I known the truth, I never would have signed up with them. There appears to be no way out of this dilemma.

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  • Ra
      5th of Apr, 2011
    -2 Votes

    The agreement for monitoring services is with Vector Security, not with Power Home Technologies. Power Home technologies is the dealer who sold and installed the security system but the agreement is actually between him and Vector. In the agreement with Vector Security, Section 3 states the initial agreement is for a 3 year term and Section 4, directly below Section 3, states the contract will renew for a term equal to the initial term unless the customer cancels within writing 30 days prior to the anniversary date. Above the signature of the customer is an acknowledgment that he has read the entire front and back of the agreement. It's the customer's responsibility to read the contract and ask questions if he has any. The customer should contact Vector Security about this matter as they hold his contract.

  • Kt
      2nd of Aug, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Beware!! When I signed up the acted like they were the best company ever. As soon as I signed the contract they pretty much ignored me. I walked in my house set the alarm off by mistake, Power Home Technology called me to see if everything was ok, but before I could tell him everything was ok, we got disconnected and they never called me back. I couldn't turn my alarm off, so I finally had to call them vack stay on hold and finally got it settled. This is one of many problems I had with Power Home. The guy who signed me up never returned my call after he got the sale. Do yourself a favor and use a different company. They were not very friendly and did not do what you would expect a Security Company to do for you. I wish I would have listened to my friends about using them but they were cheaper. I got what I payed for.

  • Ms
      4th of Apr, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I signed a 5 year contract and after 3 months I had to move. I am very disappointed in the Companies policies regarding extenuating circumstances. We were advised if we moved we could transfer to the new homeowner, suspend, or transfer to our new home the alarm monitoring. Now they will not honor the verbal conversation we had with the salesman/installer! My choice is to pay for the alarm for approx. 8-12 months even though they will not be monitoring a home, or pay 80% of the contract. Clearly with the time frame from install until a change in circumstance this is an unforeseen circumstance. When I spoke to Christina, Director of Account Management, she told me "I would never have signed a contract if I knew I was going to move"...really, neither would we have signed a contract if we knew we were going to move!!! They have no interest in being honorable or customer satisfaction. They will be offered the same graciousness as they extended to us.

  • Co
      31st of Oct, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I too got locked into a contract but mine is scheduled to expire in 2020!!! An installer (Mike Cleary) came out and shot us a huge line of BS. He said the contract was for three years, that if we needed service at any time that they would send a techie FREE OF CHARGE and any defective equipment would be replaced FREE OF CHARGE. He also gave us his cell number and urged us to call him any time if we had a problem. The cameras died within months (very expensive junk) and THEN we were told the cameras were NOT guaranteed. We were sold a line of BS and we fell for it. Do NOT use this company, they are highly dishonest and cannot be trusted. If you want or need a security system, don't do like us and fall for their BS, overpriced equipment, and 'prison sentence' of an insane contract. Yes, I was dumb not to pour over that contract with a magnifying glass and utmost scrutiny but still, we wetre hoodwinked bt this company and were taken advantage of, GOOGLE 'top5 security system companies. You will NOT find PHT in the results. BEWARE!!!

  • Je
      4th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    I've been with this company for several months now. I had a window sensor malfunction and my interior camera quit working. They came out and replaced both of them. Time will tell, but so far I've been very pleased with the customer service.

  • Al
      25th of Sep, 2017
    0 Votes

    BUYER BEWARE!!! Customer service is terrible. Contact me at 803.216.5464 and I will provide you with specific details about this company with terrible customer service and detached management. I can provide you with details on horrific experience as a customer. I will begin with examples of accepted unprofessional practices. My advice pick another home security provider avoid this company. The reply below is nonsense. the company is terrible. Im stuck with them. PLEASE DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF USING THIS COMPANY111

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