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Power Colon Cleanse / Scam

1 England, Cheshire, United Kingdom Review updated:

This company goes under several names and is a complete scam.
The free trial period is a complete nonsense as the product was sent from China taking 8-14 days to arrive and wasn't posted from china until 7 days after they had deducted the money.
I have had numerous emails from different people, rarely the same person more than twice and then the email addresses started being disabled so the emails weren't getting sent.The phone number does not ring and is unobtainable. I did get one lot of money back having returned the goods but they ignored all my emails saying I wanted to cancel and they took another lot of money and sent a 2nd delivery.
This is such a scam.
The website also has photos of Oprah Winfrey and Dr Oz with text abut their view on Colon Cleanse and in tiny writing at the bottom, it says they do not endorse this product, however, it is the photo that people see.
The product when it arrived was a pot of tablets, nothing like the packet that they show on their website.
In all grossly misrepresented and I am sure their Terms and conditions cannot be legally binding as their customer service number does not exist.Steer well clear of this and any other company i.e Green Purity Tea and Acai Berry. It took 6 weeks to get my money returned from Green Purity Tea and it is now nearly 2 months since the start of this with Power Cleanse.

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  • Lo
      15th of Jul, 2009
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    I have been having a terrible time with charges on my credit card from this company and its affiliates. I ordered a free sample of the Power Colon Cleanse, and unknowingly agreed to the terms and conditions which include a “negative option”, which means you will be charged $79.95 and sent more products, again and again, unless you cancel. I did not realize this until multiple charges began to show up on my statement. My credit card company has been no help, and they say I've agreed to this, but I've been charged over $250 over a period of 3-4 weeks (3 separate charges - all different companies). Their is no person answering the phones at the numbers I am supposed to try to call to cancel. How can this be legally binding if you are not able to cancel by phone or email? I have yet to receive any more products, other than the free sample, which I never even tried. So much for online fraud protection! What am I supposed to do other than cancel my credit card? Even then I'll still owe for these products!

  • Ma
      30th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    On 7-16, I ordered the Power Colon Cleanse and the Acai Nutraburst products together from an "add" that said when you combine these 2 products your weight loss is accelerated. I received the Acai Nutraburst on 7/23, but I never got the power colon cleanse. On 7/27, I called them to find out why I had not received it. I actually got through to someone. She couldn't find my order at first, so I pulled up my credit card to check. Not only had I been charged $3.95 for the S/H but there was another charge from WeightSecrets for $79.95. The $3.95 came from a company called TipperHealth. Both of these charges had a foreign transaction fee associated with them - so I should have known then that it was a scam. The girl (Beverly) told me should would cancel my order and all future orders and I was to receive an email within 24-48 hours with the confirmation. She also said I could keep the product because it was still in transit (provided a tracking # too). I asked why I had been charged $79.95 already because my 14 day trial was not over with and I had not received the product yet. She claimed they had not charged me, we argued for a minute then she put me on hold. When she came back she said she double checked and they had not charged me except for the $3.95. Before we hung up, she told me her name was Catherine (which previously she said was Beverly). I let it go because I was unsure if it was them or the Acai Nutraburst that had charged me. I called the Acai people who were very nice. They also said they did not charge me (said all their charges would come through as ebilling), but they cancelled my order and future orders and gave me a cancellation confirmation number (I also recived an email from them). Now I have called back to Colon CLeanse 4 times and never get an answer. I've been on hold for over 45 minutes and then get disconnected. I did not receive the product, did not receive the cancellation confirmation email and am out $80. I am disputing this with my credit card company (Bank of America) which has been very helpful! Word to the wise... never shop on the internet with your bank account number or debit card. Always use a credit card. You'll get more protection from the credit card company for disputing charges then you will if the money is already gone from your account.

  • Ma
      18th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    My husband clicked on this so called free trial and willingly gave his credit card details over to pay the p&p. Two months later we have noticed his card has been charged $79.95. we couldn't understand it, but after further investigation realised that he had unknowingly entered into some kind of subscription with this company. we have e-mailed them, but was sent back, as could not be delivered to the address on their web site. I have called them twice. First spoke to woman (shaika) who said that she had cancelled the account and we would receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 - 48 hours. Secondly, after not receiving e-mail - i spoke to another woman (Lougee) who said it is 24 - 48 working hours ( absolute crap!!!) I said i wanted sorted out straight away and only takes two seconds to send an e-mail! She said it would have to go to their "cancellation department" which would take 3-4 working days??!! She then told me i would need my order ID number if i was to call them back again. After being put on hold twice for 5 mins at a time, she then told me she could not find the numbers!! I said Shaika had told me it was cancelled and she said thats why she couldn't find the numbers!!! This is a complete nightmare. Our credit card company said they can do nothing, because he willingly signed up for this! Once (if) we get our e-mail, we are going to have to close down our account, so they can't take anymore money! Surely there are laws against this kind of thing?!

  • Ch
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    Yes, common sense laws! Criminals do not abide by "laws" except their own laws!

    Doesn't anybody ever take the time to Google search a company BEFORE giving out their personal credit info?

    I can't believe how gullible people are these days. It's almost like they were born YESTERDAY, with the intelligence of a baby. You cannot trust ANYTHING OPRAH or anybody else advertises! That, sadly, is a fact of life these days.

    DO NOT believe ANYTHING, ANYBODY says or recommends about ANY product or service, on ANY website, on ANY TV or RADIO program or COMMERCIAL. The infomercials you see on TV are the WORST SCAMS ever, They will SCAM you for THOUSANDS of dollars, if you are stupid enough to fall for their GET RICH QUICK lies!

    The PHONY BALONY NAMES these companies use just scream SCAM but apparently some of you STILL can't hear it !!!
    There is NO magic pill for anything! If someone convinced you there is a magic pill, then you are one of the MOST STUPID persons that ever lived!!!

    Many of these SCAM companies are not based in the USA, but you don't usually know that when you order. SO DON'T ORDER!
    Once you give them your credit info, it is then TOO LATE to change your mind, even if you TELL them you do NOT want to order before you hang up or get off the website!

    This Power Colon Cleanse, Erase Credit Card Debt, Colon Cleanse 3000, RezXtra, VIV3 ACAI life CLEANSE, GOOGLE FORTUNE, ACAI BURN, ACAI BERRY BREEZE, GRANT WEALTH KIT, Dr. FLORAS COLON CLEANSE, GRANTS, Acai Advance, ACAI BERRY DETOX, Google Biz Kit, ACAI BERRY MAX, Nature Cleanse, Pure Resv, Maxaciburn, WY YI tea, HealthRezV, All the free money GRANTS sites, colon cleanse, Miracle Beauty Creams, get rich quick, Tax Settlement claims and buy houses for $300.00, pennies on the dollar, mortgage refinance, Mortgage Modification, Weight Loss, Gold buyers, Payday Loans, Penis Enhancements, Dating sites, Auto Insurance (US Fidelis & others), credit card relief, and all the "free trials, just pay shipping", are ALL SCAMS to get your credit information. They will promise or Guarantee you anything it takes to get your credit information!

    ALL of the so-called GOOGLE ADS are a complete SCAM!!

    Please read the TERMS OF SERVICE of ANY product carefully before ordering ANYTHING. Stay safe …DON’T order anything from the internet, TV or RADIO. Most of the time, you can't read this until you have given them your credit information and by this time, it's too late!

    We are a nation of naive, trusting people thinking we are about to get something for nothing or near nothing.
    All we have to do is freely give our credit information to a voice on the phone we can BARELY understand, or worse, to a scam website we never heard of before. We give out information to them that we would NOT give to our most trusted BEST FRIEND. It's no wonder America and Americans are going to HELL in a hand basket.

    NEVER, EVER RESPOND TO ANY INTERNET AD, TV OR RADIO AD, NO MATTER WHAT THEY PROMISE OR GUARANTEE and no matter which program or website you saw or heard it on. They are all lies. The so-called testimonials are paid actors, NOT REAL, ACTUAL TESTIMONIALS. Their Guarantees are worthless, they mean absolutely nothing.
    Do you REALLY think they would allow a negative testimonial in their commercial?

    Has it ever OCCURRED to you people to try to get these goods or services LOCALLY first? And if you CAN'T get it LOCALLY, you DON'T REALLY need it.

    It looks like almost all the companies, anymore, are getting on the SCAM bandwagon, (Price line, Pro Flowers, a lot of the major banks) except the LOCAL ones. They have to FACE their customers in person or face the possibility of GETTING HURT BAD. How many of these SCAMMERS would do this if they knew they would have to face their victims in person?

  • Sy
      22nd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have had the same problem with these criminals and now my visa refuses to take the charge of my card but I will send them all these complaints and keep fighting to get my money back ... Toronto ontario canada

  • Sy
      22nd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    These criminals need to be shut down ...

  • Sc
      20th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    So glad I found this website! I'm so sorry for all your losses, I'm sure I'm about to be in the same boat after today. I was on website today and someone put a link in her blog to a channel 7 news website where a news reporter said these 2 products were wonderful and to try them risk free- cuz she did and it made her life great, blah blah. I took the bait and ordered them, but it left a wierd feeling with me so I started hunting around online and found this website. No wonder I had a wierd feeling!! It sounded so legit and I feel like an idiot! So I already cancelled my credit card cuz all I got was an answering machine and was told to leave my name n number at the place. What a rip off! Wish there was a way to get their ads off websites we trust on a daily basis.

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