Power Bob IIpoor quality furniture and terrible service

Bought two power recliner loveseats that were supposed to be the best in the store. ONE month after delivery, the seams were splitting, the cushions were sagging, the two halves of the loveseats no longer lined up. Called Customer Service, they sent an inspector. He said that he could fix the seams, but in his own words, these two loveseats "where [censored]". He said they were from a new vendor, and he showed us the reasons for the sagging as there was absolutely nothing under the foam for support. He highly recommended that we "reselect" different furniture as he said that if we merely replaced with the same thing, the same thing would happen because of the design flaw. Meanwhile, I had already put in new wall to wall carpeting, new drapes and new accent pieces specifically chosen to go with the furniture I bought, in colors that would restrict what color of furniture I could have, unless I wanted to start all over again.
When I went back to Bob's to reselect, they could not have been any less interested in the problems I had with the furniture, and basically told me to go find something else and then let them know what we wanted to buy. The sales lady who had been our very best friend when we were first shopping (and she saw our rather good credit line) no longer seemed to have any interest in us. They only have two types of power loveseats/sofas which are the PowerBobI and the PowerBobII. And the alternate power style only comes in one color that would not go with the colors that I had just redecorated my living room.
So, wouldn't you think that Bob's would want to work with me to make me a little happier? Nope. They don't care. They basically said, either take your money back or pick something else out, and they weren't in the least bit interested in working with me to create a living room suite that would work. They were very interested in trying to sell me a large leather sectional that was priced well above what I had already spent, and more than I wanted to spend on something that was a compromise. I mentioned that maybe I would see if there was a similar sectional in the "Pit" discount area of the store. The sales woman said she would check since it was trip down two flights of stairs, which is hard on my disabled husband. She came back and said that there was no leather sectional in the Pit - there had been one, but it was sold that morning.
We decided to go home and think about it and maybe measure to see if that big sectional would fit. On our way out, I decided to make a fast trip down to the Pit just to see what was there. Imagine my surprise when the first thing I saw coming off the stairs was the EXACT SAME SECTIONAL that we had seen upstairs, for $800.00 you think the sales woman lied to us to keep us from buying a cheaper unit and keeping her from getting her commission???? She probably never thought that we would go downstairs, and felt safe lying thru her teeth.
We are in the process of redoing most of our house with new furniture. Guess which store won't be getting any of our business (or our money!)

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