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Poulan Chainsaw / defective air filter cover

1 Tyler, TX, United States

Purchased a Brand new Poulan chainsaw on 10/2/08, Have used it 5 times over the past 2 years and 4 months, It was getting harder to start each time I used it, Figured this was because it had set so long between uses, so I took the cover off to inspect the air filter and spark plug, And found that from the factory that the part to hold the air filter in place was laying loose in the case and that the air filter element had came away from the carb, And it had been letting sawdust enter the back of the carburetor. Called Poulan service center and told them of what I had discovered, And I was instructed to take it to a local authorized service center, The service center determined that the air filter cover was defective, It is supposed slide on to hold the filter in place, But the slide portion of the air filter cover part was not there and they determined that it was defective. The service center also determined that because the air filter had come away from the carburetor that it had not only clogged the carburetor it had also scored the cylinder and piston.

It was only warrantied for one year from date of purchase. I went to find the receipt to discover that most receipts that I had from Home Depot were now just blank pieces of paper. Which outta be a criminal offense, Giving out receipts that have disappearing ink.

See I had bought the saw to finish cutting my firewood for my wood stove, My long time McCullough Chainsaw that I had been using for the past 11 years the oilier had gone out on it and there was not replacement gear available to replace it. So I bought a new Poulan P3314 chainsaw to replace to finish the job, Ran 2 tanks of gas through it, a run time of less than 1 and 1/2 hours and then stored it till I need it again, which was over a year later to cut up some limbs that had fallen due to a storm, Ran one more tank of gas, Run time less than 45 min. Put the saw back in storage till it was needed again, Which was the beginning Of this winter, Run 1 more tank of gas through it, And it was really had to start this time, but seemed to run fine once started. On the next tank of gas, Cause now I need it to cut firewood for my wood stove to keep warm, It ran for about 15 minutes and then just stopped and refused to restart.

The Poulan Tech center gave authorization for the shop to inspect the saw, and 2 customer service reps said that if they determine that part was defective that they would probably replace the saw. Well the Tech Rep refused the warranty claim, after the service center had not only determined that the air filter cover was defective and damage had been done to the motor, They also confirmed that the saw was like new and had not been used hardly at all.

So I will be getting a saw back with a factory defective part and will have to spend more than I paid for the saw to have it fixed, and have to purchase a new part to replace the defective part.

Watch for the video of me smashing this saw to pieces with a sledge hammer coming real soon, I will now do some free advertising for Poulan and post it on the web on 30 or 40 different web sites.

Poulan Chainsaw

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