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Potterosa Puppies / Selling sick infected puppies

3 13331 north douglas blvd, Jones, OK, 73049Jones, OK, United States Review updated:
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We bought a puppy for christmas for our 7 year old son and they send us a sick puppy, they reconize they have other puppies with same infection and promise to help us, but finally refuse to help us in anyway, and just said this is a business and you sign a contract. Feels like we bought a used car on a crappy dealership. Really bad way to do business. Be really carefully if you are thinking to buy a dog from them. We pay in advance for the puppy since september and last payment was december 15 2015. Puppy is infected with ringworm we request to help us with cost of treatment and breeder refuse to help us in anyway.

Potterosa Puppies
Potterosa Puppies
Potterosa Puppies

Jan 9, 2016
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  • Ch
      18th of Feb, 2016
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    I have a Potterosa Puppy and I have been to the breeders kennel many times. Our puppy is completely healthy and so very smart! I don't know how many questions this person asked the breeder before she selected her Potterosa Puppy but if you take the time to find out the inner workings of this breeder you will discover they are phenomenal. The thousands of dollars they spend testing their own dogs for hip, heart, elbow, and eye problems, just to name a few, before they breed them is extensive. Trust me! I asked to see the paperwork and I also saw the receipts! I'm sure this "infected" puppy received a health check and passed it before it went to its new home because that is Potterosa Puppies' policy and in their contract. Did this puppy fly to its new home? Ringworm can be picked up ANYWHERE! Does this puppy walk on the ground? I'm betting yes. Ringworm is simply a bacterial fungus that lives in the dirt and can be tracked anywhere. Did his puppy go to the vet check he was supposed to have (in the buyers contract you are to take the puppy to your own vet within 48hours) to get a clear bill of healthy? If the puppy was flown out to its new home, there are designated people in the flight crew that let the puppy out to use the restroom, on the ground no less! Did you know that there are two different highly regarded service dog training facilities buying Potterosa Puppies because of their intelligence and how well mannered they are? One company is in Oklahoma and one is in Florida. Ringworm is a common and easily treatable issue. It isn't costly either. Potterosa puppies is an amazing place to buy your next puppy should you be looking for a lab, retriever, or possibly at some point a goldador. They care about their breeding dogs and their puppies. They are well mannered, healthy, and happy dogs. Beware though, your new
    puppy just might get a flea, tick, ringworm, cut paw, broke nail, or even dirty once you allow them to walk on the ground.

  • Po
      19th of Feb, 2016
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    We appreciate the opportunity to share our information regarding the untruthful review posted about Potterosa Puppies on 01/09/16. Below is a summary of the events that have occurred to date in chronological order. We are happy to show pertinent documents that will clearly illustrate that the review is factually incorrect on many levels.


    Lorena signed, dated (10/19/15) and returned page 1 of our Purchase Agreement and never signed, dated and returned the rest of the document (pages 3 – 5) which contained our warranty agreement. Even if she had signed, dated and returned the warranty portion of the document it does not warranty against ring worm. Ring worm is a common fungus and is easily treated therefore excluded form ours and many other breeder’s warranties.

    Lorena purchased a puppy “Bolt” from Potterosa Puppies with her final payment made on 12/13/15

    Bolt’s pre-flight vet check was completed on 12/15/15 – he was given a clean bill of health. Lorena was instructed to have a healthy puppy check with her vet within 48 hours of receiving him.

    Bolt was shipped to and received by Lorena on 12/21/15.

    *Lorena never returned the Potterosa Puppy Receipt Acknowledgement form.

    We cannot verify that Lorena had Bolt checked by her vet within 48 hours as required as a part of our warranty. Our understanding was however, that Bolt showed no signs of ring worm at the initial vet check.

    Lorena posted a message along with a picture on our FaceBook page 12/26/15 – “Thanks LeAnne and Potterosa Puppies Family !!! Here is Bolt!!! Santa's present!!!Nicholas is very Happy!!! Adorable puppy!!”
    This would indicate to us that Lorena was happy with the puppy.

    Lorena reported a few days later that Bolt had some type spot on his lower jaw. The vet first thought it was an allergic reaction to plastic but then determined later that the spot was ring worm. We had never had ring worm at our kennel but did discover later that one of our puppies did show minor signs of ring worm. We treated our puppy for under $100 and had her back home with us the same day. These two were the only ones from the whole litter that had it.
    Below is a copy of a list of offers I made to Lorena ~

    Over the course of our lengthy conversations, (Even though I am not contractually bound) the following offers were made:
    1) In the beginning I offered $500 to help. You said you wanted $1050 the amount of 6 weeks of boarding. (we discussed and agreed that keeping the puppy in isolation for 6 weeks would be detrimental to the puppy at this young age) so at your vet's and my urging you finally did find an alternative place for the puppy with a friend.
    2) I had offered multiple times to pay the portion of the bill that was boarding. After contacting your vet the bill was $84 which I agreed to pay.
    3) In the meantime, (while still at the vet) I offered to arrange for my trainer there in Florida to come pick him up and keep him till he was better. You refused.
    4) I offered to help you find a trainer that would keep him and train him while he got over his ring worm, again you refused.
    5) I offered to have the trainer come pick the puppy up and send you a different puppy from this next litter, you said no.
    6) I offered to fly down to Florida, rent a car, drive 22 hours and bring the puppy back here to keep him till he was better then fly him back to you. You refused.
    7) Lastly, the one I really wish you would take me up on, is that you let me refund your money (puppy fee and travel costs) and take my puppy home! To this you have also said no.

    Everything that I have stated here has been discussed multiple times with no resolve. I’ve been more than accommodating and tried everything in my power to help you, your family, and most importantly the puppy, but you refused all of my offers. This situation has me completely dumbfounded.

    * Please note that I would be more than happy to share the entire email along with Lorena’s response and refusal.

    During a phone conversation on 01/09/16, Lorena became accusatory, and made numerous false accusations about me and Potterosa Puppies.

    On 01/09/16 Lorena sent a text message stating that they would place bad reviews about us on the internet since we did not agree to pay the amount she wanted. Again, I would be happy to share that text with anyone.

    On 01/09/16 Lorena’s husband Daniel posted false messages on the internet.

    There has been no correspondence with Lorena since that last email on 01/12/16.

    We hope this timeline and offer of associated documentation provides you with enough information to see we clearly did not deserve the scathing accusations posted. If for any reason you need copies of additional correspondence (we have pages of text) or have any questions about the information provided please let us know.


    LeAnne Potter
    Owner Potterosa Puppies

  • Ha
      11th of Sep, 2016
    +4 Votes

    I purchased a puppy from Potterosa Puppies for the first time this year. I got my puppy in July. We drove to Oklahoma from North Carolina because I couldn't bear to have the puppy flown to me. I was able to meet LeAnne and see her set up. Her place was wonderful and she was willing to show us around. She was very open and honest about the dogs and the care. I got to see her dogs and they were happy and healthy. Dogs are living creatures and will get sick with common things just like any other living thing. Would you take a baby back to hospital if it came down with a cold or some other thing once you went home? My puppy is very smart and healthy and doing great in puppy school. My vet has raved about how wonderful she is. If you are concerned about an $84.00 vet bill for a common, easy to cure ailment, maybe you shouldn't have purchased a dog at all.

  • Te
      23rd of Nov, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I just came across this post, about the ringworm and it is very troubling.We went to potterosa Black Friday 2015, we met the owner toured the property, and picked up our Luke.I can't tell how passionate the owner is about her puppies, luke is simply amazing, smart, healthy and could not ask for a better dog.the owner is so honest, informative and has every intention of selling a top notch dog I have no complaints period only praise, so much so that we are thinking about buying another puppy, I wouldn't go anywhere else.thank you so much for your dedication to produce such wonderful animals.

  • Li
      16th of Apr, 2018
    +1 Votes

    We are so happy with the 2 puppies we got from Potterosa. These are two of the smartest labs we've ever had - they are learning so quickly. They are very healthy - little butterballs with thick beautiful coats. The owners took great care for them while they had them. Every question we had they were and are so willing to discuss and explain so that we could be the best "pet" parents possible. We picked up one puppy and we were very impressed with the facilities and the care the owners had for all of their dogs. When we decided on a 2nd puppy the owners went over and above and met us 1/2 to bring us another. I love the fact that getting their babies a great home is top priority. We've had our boys for 2 months now and absolutely no complaints about Potterosa or the puppies at all. We are very happy and will definately go back to Potterosa for any of our puppy needs and would of course recommend them to family and friends. These are wonderful dogs. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves labs and is able to care for them.

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