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They rip people off.. they tell you how wonderful their prices on seeds are.. and then whenever you decide to finally order something from them.. rather it be a tshirt, seeds, or a hat.. you never get the item you paid for.

They are a scam.. and they make other legit companies look terrible. I've tried complaining to the people that are hosting their domain.. but they tell me that they're nothing more than a "conduit" and that is being ran off of those peoples personal server.

So, there's nothing legally anyone can do. Or is there? I've done a ton of research to try and find a name that's registered with the domain.. but no luck.

There has to be something people can do.. to get their money back.. otherwise its called "theft!" or "stealing"!!! and its illegal!! Something has to be done about these people.

I could take it into my own hands.. and deface their site.. but I don't feel like going to jail. So what else can someone do?!?! I feel helpless.. and more and more people are getting ripped off daily.. as long as this site is in business. It has to STOP!


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