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Poster / Fraud?

1 3720 Hwt 167 SSheridan, AR, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 870-942-8271

Wow! I too was charged on the day of purchase, my card is prepaid so I get online regularly to check my balance, saw they had charged me $38.00, it didn't know what company was charging me that at that timne but I got online and saw that there was a huge shipping and handling charge, I let it go until on Sunday when I had a withdrawl at 5:00 A.M. for $48.00. The first charge come to show it to be at Home Arts Direct and the Second at Poster Pass. I have reported my card as compromised and will be contacting both companies and the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General.

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  • El
      14th of Jul, 2007
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    Poster - Multi charges on check account!
    United States

    Poster pass. com sends me poster charging me $44. each time on my checking account, three times in the last month. I cannot contact them to cancel. I only ordered two posters and they keep sending me more, guessing at what I would like, based upon my initial order. I want this to stop. I cannot find the website they have on their boxes they send them in.

  • Ra
      16th of Jul, 2007
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    I have the same problem with this company [poster pass]. I had a phone number for this company but I have misplaced it. Does anyone have information on how to get a hold of poster pass?

  • Ev
      9th of Sep, 2007
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    I have the same complaint! I need them to stop ASAP, it was a horrible scam, supposed to be a ONE time deal, for, $6.00! Now, I am getting overdraft fees, BC I never have enough money in the bank, does anyone, have a number or Email address?

  • Yv
      18th of Sep, 2007
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    Hello...!! I too was scammed big time, cuz they have been charging my checking account also and I have been overdrawn!! I had to deposit $300 into my account, cuz of the overdrawn fee!! I didn't know about this until I looked on my bank statement and saw the $44.00!! Then I called PosterPass, here is their number....1-877-807-2929..!! A representative answered and asked; "Why were they charging $44 to my checking/debit account every month"....??? She stated, give me your debit/checking number and I will look for your name and I told her flat-out "NO"....I am not going to give you my account number!! I gave her my name and she said, "I can't find your name in the database"!! Then she asked for my debit account number and I told her "NO" I am not giving you that should have my name in your database!! I am going to my bank later to sign an affidavit to put a no authorization on my account from PosterPass!! She said, I might be able to have the overdrawn charges taken off!! WARNING......whatever you do, when you call PosterPass....."DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CHECKING/DEBIT ACOOUNT NUMBER".....UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!! Tell them you are going to report them to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!! I hope the info I left here for you helps!! I am going to fill out a "RIP-OFF" they can be aware of this!!

  • Bj
      24th of Sep, 2007
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    I am having the same problem. Out of my last paycheck I got less than $100 because of all of their bounced check fees.

  • Be
      5th of Feb, 2008
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    Poster - Deceptive practices!
    United States

    I order poster from, the ad stated 4 posters for $2.00 each and my account was charge over $50.00. I did not authorize that charge. I was expecting $8.00 for poster. Will report this to BBBureau.

  • Ji
      6th of Mar, 2008
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  • Sh
      21st of Mar, 2008
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    I, too, am a victim of the scam. I check my account daily and when the expected $8 charge hit my account at $34, I immediately called the toll free number on the inclosed letter to cancel the order. The same day, {her name is Yvette} informed me of another impending charge directly to my account in the amount of $48 dollars.
    I sent the posters back 'RETURN TO SENDER' and made advanced arrangements with Yvette to have my account credited the monies taken from me. She assured me in 7-10 business days, which is ridiculous since there was no waste of time in taking the monies from the account. I dated my first contact with Yvette on 2/27/2008. I have not yet received my refund.
    As many may know, there is no When typing business name in search engines, the results come on a default site and the links direct to 'Netflix'.
    I am in search of my reference paperwork to call "Yvette" again and get my money!! And I plan to report this to the BBB.

  • Lo
      25th of Mar, 2008
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    they sent me my posters but a few days after they arrived, there was a charge from home arts direct for 48 dollars! i am currently in the proccess of changing all of my account information! report home arts direct to the attorney general!!

  • Li
      27th of Mar, 2008
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    Same thing happened to me but it didn't show up until like a month later. Maybe they tried to get smart about it. After seeing this I too will be changing all of my info.

  • Ra
      11th of Apr, 2008
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    They sent me my posters and two extra ones. I found out about a month later that I was charged $48 at four different times. All the charges were under Home Arts Direct. I am in the process of changing my account information as well.

  • Tr
      11th of Apr, 2008
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    "Each month you will be billed $9.95 per poster, plus a small shipping and handling fee of $1.99 per poster."

    quoted right from their terms and conditions - that you're supposed to READ AND AGREE TO before you give them your credit card

    you ###s deserve to be scammed.

  • Tr
      12th of Apr, 2008
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    "Each month you will be billed $9.95 per poster, plus a small shipping and handling fee of $1.99 per poster."'

    gee i wonder where that 12x4=48 is coming from. couldn't be the terms that you agree to before you submit the information.

    you guys are LYING when you say you didn't authorize the charge. yes, it's slightly deceptive on their part, but it took me all of 30 seconds to find the hidden charge. it wasn't even in small print, it was right there clear as day.

    that's what all you "poor scammed people" seem to have in common - you don't read. you also seem to be the same people with the bad credit and the prepaid cards. could it be cause you never bothered to read your original terms on your credit cards and ended up screwing those up too?

    i say remove this negative stuff, no one is being scammed. they're just being stupid.

  • Ve
      15th of Apr, 2008
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    I am very upset with this company. I ordered the 4 posters for $8 as advertised and a debit of $48 showed up in my checking account. Along with these posters came another box with 2 more posters, for which they also debited my account for $48. I returned all the items with a letter stating I wanted my account cancelled and I did not want to receive any more posters; I also requested that the $96 be credited back to my account immediately (which to-date has not been done). Since then I have received another delivery which I refused, but, of course, they charged me another $48. Then today I noticed there is another $48 debit from posterpass in my checking account. This is past absurd! What makes it even worse for me is that I'm on Social Security and can't afford this nonsense. I'm reporting them to the BBB and going to my bank tomorrow to have them stop this debit. I now have their phone # so I will be calling them and I will let them know, if they do not refund my money immediately and stop sending me posters, I will be reporting them to the Attorney General (which I probably will anyway).

  • Cr
      24th of Apr, 2008
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    For a moment I thought I had been scammed too. But instead of freaking out and changing all of my info and calling foul, I did the SMART thing to do and read the agreement and called them up. The gentleman on the phone was helpful and told me all I needed to do was send back the posters I didn't want and I would get a refund for those. Don't be an IDIOT, READ things you AGREE to BEFORE YOU CALL IT A SCAM.

  • Gr
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    why wouldn't you guys just use a visa gift card? thats how you beat them at their own games... hahah

  • Da
      10th of Jun, 2008
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    I had cancelled my order the next day and was charged the 48 dollar charge 3 days later. I have the bank statements to prove it. I CALLED THEM UP and they said as soon as the poster get there just send them back and we'll credit your account. That was back in April and I haven't received my credit back to my card yet.
    So even if you read the agreement page or what not, I still have not received a refund to this day.




  • Ca
      19th of Jun, 2008
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    I have to admit that I did not thoroughly read the agreement so was quite suprised when I received 2 more posters that I hadn't ordered. I thought they had made a mistake and called (their number was printed clearly on the invoice). They explained that I'd agreed to get 2 posters sent each month, I said that I hadn't realized that. I asked to cancel and they promptly cancelled the account. The thing that confused me more was the charge showed up as 'Home Arts Direct' so when I saw that I didn't know what it was for and called my bank to have the transaction reviewed. As it turns out, the $38 charge was for my poster pass subscription. Oddly, the trial charge had shown up as poster pass. So, I think there is a bit of deception on the part of the company and obviously $38 for two posters is ridiculous but they did cancel my acocunt with no questions asked. I did not attempt to send the other posters back and get a refund so I can't speak to that. Personally, I'm going back to

  • Je
      2nd of Sep, 2008
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    I'm pissed. I just went through with the $2/poster "deal" and was charged 33.96. I'm overdrawn from my bank account since I used my Visa bank card and even my bank doesn't know what to do!! I have to drive over there tomorrow morning and try to get things sorted out before these thieves scam me for more of my money.

    Why not use a pre-paid Visa card, you ask? Who ever thinks that they're going to be scammed by an innocently worded $8 promise? It's the tiny text you have to look out for. I hope it gets sorted out for everyone. I really can' t believe that this has been going on for this long. I made a complaint to BBB.

  • D1
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    This website is intentionally deceiving consumers on the web. I was duped into trying it, and a few days later, saw charges on my credit card for "Home Arts Direct", which isn't even close to "Poster Pass" (should be POSER pass, as they pose to be a legitimate business, when they're borderline fraudulent). I ignored it, thinking it was something my wife bought, but when she asked me what it was the next day, I knew something was up. A quick google search yielded what the mysterious "Home Arts Direct" really was. I'm all for capitalism, but intentional deception and misleading on their part is inexcusable. I've called and canceled my account, and told them I will refuse the packages, and when they get them back, they had better credit back what they charged my card, or I'll file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

    Another thing of interest, was that when I called to cancel, I immediately got someone on the phone (no recordings), and she offered to cancel my account before I finished explaining the situation. Apparently, 95% of their customers realize they've been bamboozled, and call them up to rectify. They're just hoping the 5% who ignore it or are unaware of what's going on don't catch on to the scam, and let the $48 charges go through without issue.

    As for the claim that the terms are "clearly stated" on the website, I beg to differ. I'm savvy when it comes to websites and surfing in general. I buy online on a regular basis, and nowhere did I see anything about a recurring monthly subscription charge of $48. Upon a second investigation (days later, mind you), which took some digging around on their website, I found that they charge a $9.99 fee plus $2.01 shipping for two posters to be sent to your address each month. But even THAT was not clearly stated at the time of "sign-up". However, even if it WAS hidden somewhere in the initial subscription process, how could they have possibly come up w/ $48?! The amount cited conveniently comes to $12, and $12 x 4 = $48. So do they charge you 4 months service all at once?! Again, nothing confirming or denying that hypothesis was found under their "Terms & Conditions". All it says is that there is an initial fee of $25 for 5 posters, which I understood at the time. Then, the $9.99 plus $2.01 for shipping each month, which I didn't know then, but understand now (still unethical if it wasn't clear to begin with!). So please tell me why I saw a $48 charge on my card, in addition to the $25! (A total of $73!) That is unethical on their part. And for that reason, they've forfeited the right to have my business. And yes, I apply that without limitation of date, meaning that forfeit applies past, present, and future. I will refuse any and all packages sent from them, and if they do not credit my account fully (the $25 and $48), I will report them to the BBB. I would do it even if it was only 25 cents and 48 cents. It's not just the money, but the principle of the matter I'm concerned with here. Hopefully it won't come to that, and they'll rectify what they surely know to be an unethical transaction.

    FYI, their return address is:
    990 Grove St., Ste. 204
    Evanston, IL 60201

    And their phone # is: 1-877-807-2929

    So, if you've been a victim of their unethical business practice, and need to file a complaint w/ the BBB, Illinois is the state they're operating in, and the above contact info should be sufficient.

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