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I purchased this product last year with no problems whatsoever and I had no complaints. I assume it was doing the job for which it was made. Recently I purchased a new laptop and re-installed the product with no problem. However, a week later, it no longer worked and the error message was "runtime error 7". I contacted the company several times and received emails confirming receipt but have not received any replies to date. Furthermore, after doing some research online, there are dozens of complaints and accusations of the company (and product) being a scam and malware. The majority of these complaints/accusations were many months after my purchase.

Then I came across the website which had listed Registry Patrol as a favourable product with A++ rating. I wrote to them to let them know that this company should no longer be on their list for the reasons stated above. And guess what? The email confirming receipt was Post Media Network. That was 2 weeks ago and no reply there either.

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  •   Mar 19, 2008
    Post Media Network - Terrible experience!
    Post Media Network
    United States

    I ordered a supposed fix to my computer from Registry Patrol also known as Post Media Network over the internet. They received my money but took over a month to get back to me with the unlock code to be able to run the program. After running the program my computer still locks up and is no better than before. I have tried on several occasions to contact the company to get technical help but the email is either not answered or they answer with the same message which says they will get back to me within 12 to 24 hours and that my business is very important to them. I contacted visa and they refunded my money! I guess i will have to take my computer in for service.

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  • Pb
      Jul 29, 2008

    It appears I may be having the SAME problem as you. I purchased XP Medic and paid and yet it was the most unuser friendly way to receive the UNLOCK key that I never got - it didn't work and now I can't use the thing. There is NO phone number to call customer support ... you send emails and have come back undeliverable and all come back with automatic replies that they will respond in 12-24 hours. It's been over 36 now. So I guess from what you are saying, I should look for it to be a month to get this resolved. Ridiculous - oh how I wish I had read your complaint first.

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  • Je
      Apr 23, 2009

    Shame I didn't find your complaint before I went ahead and purchased Registry Patrol v3.0, and then experienced the exact error message youe received; "Run-time error '7': Out of memory". I also suspect - though I haven't proveds it yet - the installation scewed un windows installer - after downloading and trying to run RP v3.0 (I also downloaded and actually ran Identitiy Patrol v2.0) windows installer now ran at start up and I had no way to stop it, not even in services. I therefore could not install or uninstall other programs. Fortunatley RP v3.0 and IP v2.0 both came with unintall programs which I have done. Don't antipate much joy on a refund or whether opening a dispute with Pay Pal will get my $34.95 back, but I have commenced that process. If nothing else I guess it'll prove to be a reasonably cheap lesson/wake-up call at the end of the day.

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  • Ga
      Apr 27, 2009

    I have been trying for about a week to get someone from registry patrol to respond. Pgm worked fine until recently. Now it freezes up every time a run it. Nothing on my computer has changed, the thing just stops.
    No luck trying to reach registry patrol. Don't see any hope of getting a refund. Lesson learned!!!

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  • Je
      Apr 27, 2009

    Well, on April 23rd I sent the follwoing email to [protected] and copied [protected]

    "I purchased and installed registry patrol v3.0, along with identity patrol v2.0
    which was free, 2 days ago. I ran IP v2.0 but when I try and run RP v3.0 I get
    the Run-time error '7': Out of memory. I haven't confirmed it yet
    but I suspect installing RP and/or IP screwed up my windows installer, which
    subsequently started on log-in and I could not stop it - preventing anything
    else being installed or indeed uninstalled.

    As I have not heard anything from your technical support on this issue, and I
    cannot use the product (given the error), and I'm concerned about the install, I
    respectfully request a refund of the $34.95 I paid for the product..

    If I do not hear from you on this matter, within a reasonable timeframe of 48
    hours, I will likely open a dispute with Pay Pal. I hope to hear from you."

    To my surprise I received notification from PayPal on April 24th that my account had received the full $34.95 refund from Post Media Network. So, it does appear that they are listening, and indeed repsonding appropriately. Hopefully I am not an isolated case where refunds are concerned.

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  • Di
      Jun 23, 2009

    I purchased the above and installed Registry Patrol v3.0, along with identity patrol v2.0 which was free, 2 days ago. I ran IP v2.0 but when I try and run RP v3.0 I get the Run-time error '7': Out of memory.

    I uninstalled IP and then re-installed PR and several time but it does not work giving error message was "runtime error 7".
    I have also dent Patrol Software ticket system and your ticket id is 3375 and have not received any feedback.

    If you cannot rectify this problem then I would ask you to refund the above £24.59 amount.
    Didar Singh Sangha

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  • Ro
      Aug 13, 2009

    Okay, all with run time errors listen up, start registry patrol up again by right clicking your mouse and run as administrater and it will start up every time.Optimize your internet and clear cache if you want but dont restart yet.Shutdown registry patrol and then run identity patrol.Both have start up off switch if you want it to start up at boot up.Do that before you resart.Now that identity patrol has finished, before you start up, if you have norton 360 run full scan then restart or just run the file cleanup and registry cleanup then restart.The 360 registry cleaner gets some tings registry patrol could miss.And the file cleanup helps with speed.Thats the way I have used this program for a year now.

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  • Gi
      Sep 22, 2010

    Funny to read those comments !!! I purchased registry Patrol and I am not satisfied of the results at all. This is crap. It does not repair anything according to me. Do noy but that program please.
    I wrote to them many times and I got only confirmations and no answer to my requests.
    I will go to Ministry of Consumer to get my money back if I can.

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