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I ordered a few supplements from this website on 25 May. They said they would price match certain products. I got a phone call, I think it was the same day, from some unidentified man involved with this website who told me they wouldn't price match one of the supplements, so I said in that case I didn't want that item after all. The order took quite a while to arrive, 4 June, and when it arrived, the supplement I cancelled was included, two others weren't, but there was no explanation about why not, and they kept all of the money that they had taken at the time of the order through their website, which was significantly more than the prices of the items I received. I complained several times by e-mail and contact form, cancelling the items that hadn't arrived, asking for a return label to return the unwanted item, and asking for a refund of the overpayment, and it was only when I said I was about to report them to trading standards that I received an e-mail from somebody calling himself Tim Willcox, making excuses about having had a lot of orders at the time (I doubt that very much), admitting that the service was poor, and saying that he would make an immediate refund to my card. It was supposed to appear within 48 hours or so. He said that on 28 June, there has never been a refund (I am writing this on 23 July 2011), and I e-mailed another complaint about this on 6 July and never had another reply or any refund. Now I'm going to have to see if I can get some of the money back through the bank due to fraud and have to complain to trading standards about them. Stay well away from these people. There are plenty of websites selling supplements that are honest and reputable to buy from.


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