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Contact information: are scamming people by falsely posting complaints on THIS very website, and then offering to 'hide' the complaints for $599

They are the ultimate internet parasites, and this is extortion of the highest order. I would advise NEVER to pay as it was THEM that posted the libellous comments in the first place. post a libellous comment on the complaintsboard under an alias name, and then send the company concerned an email declaring 'to remove and help hide the negative comment' for $599


Do not fall for it.

This is the email send you to extort the money:

"I noticed you have a very damaging [redacted] posted online at link to the false complaint)

We can help you suppressed deep into the search engines fast! So people don't see it!

If you would like us to help just take a look at

(charging you $599 to 'try and hide' your complaint. )

Just to claify : are the scam company. Do your own research about them. They are the ultimate internet parasites, using extortion to extract monies from genuine companies.

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  • Jo
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    Phone: 213-291-9116 is there phone number if you wish to discuss with them

  • Lt
      8th of Apr, 2009
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    You are exactly right, position alert is ran by a few fraudsters, one of them is Phillip Smith and the other is "Sean Dean" aka "Sean Cambell" who happens to think he's some sort of rich pimp or something.. he claims to make $75-100k a year (ya right) from his scummy MLM operations (Including a ghetto R&B online radio / band promotion company) which he claims to own (Cannot find any documents confirming he owns anything) and he's only like 19.

    They are currently running the scam via their other website ( and trying to extort money from people with the whole fake [redacted] libel reports. I've already reported them to the FTC, local police and Ohio Attorney General's office and I encourage you to do the same.

    I've purchased the .NET version of their domain to EXPOSE THEM FOR WHAT THEY REALLY ARE: A bunch of idiot ghetto scammers trying to illegally steal money from people because they are poor shlubs. Please check out my site: I have alot of information on them and where you can find these people. Maybe someone in the area will go smack these idiots upside the head for us since [redacted], the FTC, etc. refuse to do anything about this illegal activity.

  • Go
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    I got majorly screwed by them too. More sites owned by these conmen are:
    media networks

  • Rk
      18th of Feb, 2010
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    Yes, indeed these people are scammers. Do Google and you will see the names of these scammers.

    I have a complete list of clients who used Positionalert/nichemicro/seoteamusa service. They are equllay scammers. They buy reviews to get high ranking.

    Some of them are:

    Sean Dean AKA cedric campbell
    Mark Dowd
    Ryan Pearson
    Cindy Royer
    Phillip Smith,
    Daniel Curtis Ford,
    Daniel Unsworth,

    There contact details

    Cindy Royer
    Business Phone: 330 361 0877 (Call her, this is her home phone number). I called on this many times and afterward she stopped picking phone. Earlier she said she was just an employee, but the fact is she is part of the team.

    Email Address

    Pasted from

    Pasted from

    Telephone: 213-291-9195


    Phillip Smith
    P.O. Box 2862
    Gallup, NM 87305

    The Emerald Coast Group, LLC
    Ford, Curtis
    5036 Onieda Trail
    Milton, Florida 32583

    Media Networks
    Royer, Cindy
    864 Oak Street
    Massillon, OH 44646

    Daniel Unsworth
    3269 Dunmore
    Canton, Ohio 44708
    (216) 333-1718

  • Se
      25th of Feb, 2010
    -2 Votes

    Cedric Campbell which is me is not a scammer or pimp so stop it with the insults. Please do your research first before you put false information out on me. I to was scammed by Daniel Unsworth. I am a programmer that Daniel Unsworth took advantage of. I had no knowledge at the time that Daniel was doing this to people. I had know knowledge that Daniel likes to scam people then disappear leaving employee's and partners the blame for everything. If you do research on Daniel Unsworth you will see that he does this at every company that he has dealt with. Dan was also sued by Microsoft. Please read how he did the same thing here and please look at the date:

    Also, please check out Pipeline Media Group Daniel Unsorth other company that he previously owned and start by talking to Tracy McCaffee.

    I'm also looking for Daniel Unsworth because he owes me 4k for work that I performed and never got paid for.

    I have also talked with the local police about this issue and Daniels scamms. If you don't believe me contact Massillon, Ohio police department and see for yourself. Daniel is wanted by the FEDS and the IRS.

    So, don't get mad at me and post negative things on me for trying to start or starting what I thought was a legit company at the time.

    If I was scamming people I would have never landed a legit marketing and promotional deal with 50 cents G-Unit member 40 Glocc

    If you or anyone would like to contact me personally you can email me at and I will send you my phone number.

    Once you find out the truth please remove my name from these postings.

    Thank you and god bless you in all of your endeavors.

  • Se
      25th of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    More information::::

    Daniel is still at it with the same website and different name.

    He is changing company names everytime the company gets a negative report. This is very obvious just Google search.

    I have not been with this company since here is the link to other site:::: http://www.[redacted] and

    Here is his [redacted] :::: /URL removed/

    Here is something else to check out PLEASE READ ::::

    As you can see Daniel Unsworth is very well known in marketing and sales. I was just a skilled programmer that was trying to take care of my family and I also was taken advantage of by Daniel Unsworth.

    Cindy Royer is Daniel's mother and she doesn't have the heart to take advantage of people. Daniel hires her at his companies as a secretary and I'm pretty shore that she too is kept in the dark about his scamming.

    CURTIS FORD is not Daniel Unsworth he is actually a investor that Daniel has dealt with in the past. He actually put up allot of money to get a shopping cart company launched (EPIC CART) and as you can see the site is not finished and I'm pretty shore that it's not finished for a reason. Curtis probably found out about Daniel's devilish ways. I know Curtis personally and he is a good Christian guy.


    By the way who ever said that I look 19 years old :::: THANK YOU FOR THE COMPLIMENT!!!


  • Lt
      26th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Funny how you only post NOW Sean Dean, AFTER you've been ripped off by the same company that was doing it to others. Also funny how you never came forward with any of this info when I had originally posted all of this information to my seoeamusa ripoff website. You claim to be innocent, yet you were fully supporting them while they were lining your pockets - turning a blind eye to how they were illegally defaming individuals to extort money from them. Now you have the audacity to come here with your "woh is me" innocence tirade. No one is interested in hearing your excuses. You know exactly who you were working for. This scam has been going on for quite a long time and you stayed silent the entire time while money was coming your way. We don't want to hear your lame excuses, most of us here want ACTION and we would include you in the class action lawsuit once we get one together (Yes i've been thinking about doing so). Now that the money has stopped flowing into your wallet you cry foul and expect us to take 'your side' and not blame you? Not happening. The fact that you try to claim you are legitimate by mentioning you do promotional garbage for some stupid rap artists does nothing but re-enforce my thoughts about you being just a ghetto thug looking to make a quick buck - No matter WHAT the outcome and no matter who you HURT along the way.

    You want to get Daniel back, then give me all the information regarding what the feds and IRS are going after him for so I can assist the feds in bringing him down. We need as much evidence as possible as to the fact that he is indeed extorting people for money (not easy to prove alot of times even when it's as cut and dry as my case is). This still doesn't clear you of the TAINT of being his business partner, but will be a start in your road to penance.

    Best Regards,

    ltdarkstar (at)

  • Ik
      22nd of Jan, 2011
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    This is another of sean dean a.k.a Cebdrick Campbell's scam. He created this e-mail ID ( just for this purpose, and it is no more working.

    He and lee are partners, and both conspire towards cheating people. search net and you will know. call the number and you will find what is real.

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