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Posh Puppy told me my Bichon came from a loving home in Tarzana. I have found out since that she actually came from a puppy mill in little rock CA. I will never give her back, just beware people. Posh puppy get's their puppies from mills


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      Mar 28, 2010

    how do you know it is a puppy mill ??? Didi you actually go there. ??
    Puppy mill is slanderous, becareful.

    dont ya love the puppy you got
    breed your own dam pups then
    sick and tired of puppy buyers complaining about everything, ... but yet they expect to find some one to buy a puppy off of !!!

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  • It was court using puppies from puppy mills hence why it was closed down also if u chase it up on the Internet it's still happening through Korean puppy mills while using a slightly different name. "slander finder" many problems can rise when dealing with a puppy from a puppy mill I lost one at 5 months old due to her being a puppy mill puppy and she looked fine when I got her but the underlying problems eventually showed their heads and I lost her very quickly, we where told a local breeder but as I looked into her paperwork and started researching the names and stuff I realized this wasn't the case. I will never get a dog from a pet store again, because a high amount now use puppy mills pups, this is a known fact there is nothing slanderous about it - and this is also why posh puppy closed it's doors.

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      Oct 18, 2011

    They are the same circle connected with Jung Pung and others connected. They are through the entire United States too. Also, some come out of Mexico.

    There are a few circle of people working together to pull this off. They know what they are doing. Some have been doing it for 30 years.

    They will just change name, email, change AKC, CKC or what ever records, change web site, etc. and Ta Da they are back again.

    It is simple don't buy unless you can go to the kennel or home.

    Sorry for your loss of your puppy.

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      Oct 19, 2011

    The link above is for you as a buyer. The puppies in the pictures are already 2 to 3 pounds; maybe more. These puppies will average out to at the least 5 pounds (doubtful). More than likely these puppies will be 7 to 8 pounds. You can buy any of these breeds locally for a lot less money.

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      Oct 19, 2011

    Check this out -

    Geeze, just noticed that it has at the end of the website name. Well at least there is one truth.

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      Oct 21, 2011



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