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My husband and I went on Veterans Day weekend to take advantage of the discount. I made an appointment and called A WEEK in advance to ask about pricing. They were very cryptic and didn't give me an exact price but I thought the $19.99 package was a good deal. Turns out it was a scam to get more money. The "free mug" they offer is actually $10 shipping and if you aren't close to a store (we live an hour and a half away) they charge more to ship to you. The photographers all rolled their eyes at each other and rushed everyone in the studio.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Syracuse, NY I saw two separate families cry because they were charged $600 for photo prints they wanted and had to DELETE all the photos in front of them because they didn't have enough money. We were supposed to use these photos for our holiday cards and couldn't use another printing service (like cvs or Shutterfly) because the quality was so low (even though we paid for these photos and have printing rights!) I went on to their website to see how much it would be to print 20, 4X6 prints and they wanted to charge $130!!! All this company wants to do is suck money out of your bank acccount and they don't care about customer service or the consumer.

Portrait Innovations

Dec 08, 2018

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