Porterville Ford / used car/ contract

Carrie Silas



4957 E. Balch Ave.

Apt 104

Fresno, Ca. 93727

Ford Motor Company

P.O. Box 6248

Dearborn, MI. 48126

Dear Consumer Complaint Division,

On June 16th 20018 my daughter Kristi Silas went to your Porterville Ford dealership located at 701 North Main Street Porterville, California 93727. She was buying her first car. It was supposed to be an exciting, happy moment. She is also pregnant about to have her first child and is single. She is twenty -six and trying to learn how to handle things on her own. Her experience at Ford has been a nightmare.

On your June 16th, she went and paid cash for a Nissan. It broke down four days later. She had it towed back to Ford. Ford had it for well over a week then finally told her to come back in on June 30th 20018. When she arrived, they told her the car had faulty wiring and offered her another vehicle which was a Ford that was more money. How convenient for Ford. Now she had to sign a contract for monthly payments because she was told she couldn't get her money back. She signed and left with the new Ford. She put $8, 800 down on the car. On July 13, 2018, she received a certified letter from Ford stating that the contract was canceled because they couldn't get financing for her. It was also dated June 30th, 2018 which wouldn't be possible since she bought the car that day. Needless to say, she was very upset to the point that I had to travel to her spend my time and money on a hotel, and food to get her up and out of bed. She was very depressed. I got her to spend three days looking for cars, so we could take the Ford back because the letter stated that she would receive a refund on her down payment. She finally found a car, mind you I mentioned she is pregnant. it's extremely hot out, looking for vehicles was not fun. She is finally happy and excited again because she found another vehicle. I leave to go home thinking that taking the car back wouldn't be a problem. The certified letter stated she would receive a refund. I then remember the odds were she wouldn't receive a refund that day and did not want her to be upset again when she found out. I called her and suggested she call first to see. She called and spoke to Steve Munoz the general manager. She told him that it was Kristi Silas and asked, he said Miss Silas just disregard that letter. She replied excuse me? And attempted to explain everything Ford had put her through and that she wanted her money back. The manager kept interrupting saying "everything is fine "she said "Mr. Munoz please stop interrupting me and let me explain my point and concerns" and continued to try and tell him. He started yelling at her. Yelling "I said everything is fine do not bring that car back here." Repeating himself every time she tried to say something to the point that she finally hung up on him. Yelling at her? Really? My twenty-six-year-old pregnant daughter who is not supposed to have any extra stress in her life because she is twenty-eight weeks pregnant. She called me hysterically crying explaining what happened.

I'm sorry, but this man's behavior is unacceptable. I'm shocked that Ford Motor Company what place this man in a management position. I feel your company needs to honor that certified cancellation letter and refund her down payment. Can you please assist me with this? I am in hopes that the Ford Motor Company will not disappoint my family again and handle this general manager's terrible behavior and correct the situation with my daughter quickly

Thank You,

Carrie Silas

Jul 25, 2018

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