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Port St. Lucie Moving & Storage / Horrible movers!

1 FL, United States

We emailed several movers a list of items to be moved we were given a flat rate quote by another company, but after being contacted by Port St Lucie Moving & Storage they used their sales skills to the max in agreeing to match the competitors quote if we used them, well we did. Day of our move I was at our new home about 25 miles away, while my mother a senior citizen was at the old place waiting on the movers after 10:00am and no movers yet, I call them & they were running behind due to an office employee who apparently didn't show up (very unprofessional), next movers get to our old house & have horrible attitudes (3 men) told my mom there was no way they would fit all our stuff in their truck, so I call the movers & advise them to ONLY move the furniture which was listed in the email I sent them except for 3 pieces of furniture we had sold, so it was less than what we told them the woman agreed. During my drive back to the old house I'm expecting the movers to be in action to my surprise I show up & movers are gone!! It is now after 12pm!! And we had to be out of our old house by that night! I call the company again & keep getting run arounds & they keep trying to force me to use 2 of their moving trucks with 6 of their men for all our household items, which I must say we did have a lot more boxes than we specified, but once again I advised them that I was a single mom of 4 whose husband had just died a month ago (reason for our move), and had no means to pay that much $ that I only wanted our large furniture moved & my oldest son and I would rent a uhual & move the rest, well after about a good hour back & forth they finally agreed to come back & do our move, BUT they specified if the job took more than 7hrs they would charge hourly...Well they finally show up a good hr later about, and start working VERY SLOWLY and with very poor enthusiasm, and a few times I caught the 3 men in their truck just standing there and chit chatting away & laughing!! Anyways, finally when they were almost done I decide to get ahead start driving to our new house with my son & our rental truck, well to my surprise about an hr later the movers call on how they are lost, etc...all the while my son and I had unloaded an entire uhual truck I advised them of the address & that I had to run back to the old home to continue loading & pick up my mother whom I left behind with my 2 small babies and older daughter before the electricity was shut off, the movers said no problem we should be there now shortly, so I decided to drive to the old home and leave my teen son in charge, I loaded the truck came back to the new home, mind you there is about a 30 min drive each way to these houses and guess what the movers STILL not at our new home after over 2 hrs!! I was so upset, when they finally showed they were barely moving 1 of them sat in the truck the entire time, while the other 2 took forever! Finally after all this they finish & tell me either you pay the company a large fee since it took us so long or you pay your flat rate & cut us a tip, and they tell me how their boss the lady I spoke to several times (the great sales person) told them they were going to get paid less than they should & this was where the whole issue started since the beginning & why they didn't want to perform our move! In the end after all this the following day I realize the scratched up my brand new dining set and bedroom set, they left at the old house our cable to plug our main tv and our satellite company couldn't connect our services, and to top it all off when they connected our refrigerator they didn't use tools & caused an entire flooded dining room area that has carpet, our landlord had to come have a company get it cleaned!!! This is by far the most horrible company I have ever come across! We had recently moved prior to this & I wish I could have used the previous company had they been local they were remarkable and they were 2 older men 1 of which has a disabled leg, and they were by far better than this company! I would suggest to all to stay away from this company if you value your time, money, and furniture most importantly!!!

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