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Port City Imports - Corpus Christi, TX (2000 Honda CRV) / The company and it's dealers cannot be trusted!

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We purchased our 2000 Honda CRV from Port City Imports in Corpus Christi, TX in May 2000. During the drive home we noticed a problem with the handling at highway speeds.

The ride was loose and jittery at highway speeds and there was excessive noise from the front end at any speed. Between 40 and 45 mph the front tires bounced uncontrollably. On the highway we were limited to about 60 miles per hour because of the handling at higher speeds.

We took the car back to the dealer and after a test drive (which we were not permitted to witness)the service manager proclaimed the ride to be "normal for a CRV" and "it just seems a little rough because it is a SUV and that's how they are".

After a little over 80,000 miles at speeds of 60 or less the transmission finally self-destructed.

We had our wonderful local independent transmission service install a used transmission. With the new transmission the car is jitters, no noise, no grinding, no bouncing.

We wrote to the President of American Honda to let them know that we were not happy with having to drive a defective vehicle for 5 years when they could have just as easily admitted to, and corrected, the problem.

The only response was a call from a very bored customer service rep who wanted to know what we were complaining about.

Needless to say, although we are finally happy with our Honda, we would never purchase another because the company and it's dealers cannot be trusted.


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