PopReallate delivery & very poor service

I ordered 7 items, and only 3 items arrived after 2 weeks from ordered date, and I wasn't informed at all on the status of the other 4 items as to why they didn't arrive in the same package. Most importantly, the 4 items that didn't arrive, I needed it for an event. So I sent an email to get a refund for the 4 items that didn't arrive since I didn't need them anymore, and I had to find my own way to dress up for the event as I had no idea if they were still gonna deliver those 4 items. It took someone 4 days to reply to me, and all she had to say was the items were on the way, and they cannot do a refund. I am very unhappy with the service, I felt cheated and don't they have a return policy?

The customer service agent came back, saying they'd over me $10 coupon on my next order, first of all, that $10 coupon I could have gotten it myself by filling in the feedback, secondly, seems like she didn't exert any effort at all to actually help me. And after the service the company has provided, what makes her think I'm ever actually gonna purchase from them again?

May 09, 2017

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