Popeyes Chicken / th chicken

Isent my daughter to get me a three piece, dark meat meal with a red beans and rice side, I also asked her to make sure they were all thighs. She did as I asked but what she brought back was not three thighs, wht she brought back instead was three pieces of thighs that had been cut in half and sold as full pieces of chicken, THATS CALLED STEALING, I want my money back and please believe that the next complaint letter I write will be to the BBB. If you guys can't afford to be in business without stealing from your customer, you should close up shop. Stealing from your customer is never the answer, perhaps you guys should try installing some good business practices into your corporation and training your staff on how to make ends meet. Stealing from your customers will only result in loss of business and possibly a class action suit. I am a restaurant owner in Southfield Mi., and more than that, I am a decent human being with the common sense to know that the people who pay my bills, (the customers), are not stupid, they know what food is supposed to look like, and I also know that anybody dissatisfied with my product can and will spread the word quickly.Popeyes have been around for a long time, maybe you think you can do anything you want to your customers and they will continue to patronize you. Well I am one of those people who want exactly what I paid for and I am not just a stupid, blind consumer who will except anything. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. Please know that I will never shop at another Popeyes again, I will complain until I get satisfaction, I will let everyone I know about what the Popeyes Corporation is allowing to happen, and I will inform the Better Business Bureau of your activities. If you would like to respond to this letter, my name is Renitta Wicker and my email is [protected]

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