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Pop A Lock / Dispatcher rude and refused to dispatch

1 Andrew HigginsNew Orleans, LA, United States Review updated:

I called Pop a lock on Friday 11/14/08 around 10-11 pm. A lady answered the phone, and I inquired of the price to unlock my car. She initially seemed knowledgable then put me on hold, so i waited for a while. When she came back on, she asked what street i was on, so i told her Andrew Higgins. She asked my name, so i told her. she asked me to spell it. she asked me again, so this time i raised my voice higher so she could hear me because there were people talking nearby me and making noise. The lady then said "Don't holler at me!" I explained i was not hollering, that i was talking louder so that she could hear me. There were other people around me talking. At that time, a friend was calling me back because i had already put in a call about a possible spare key, so i asked her to please hold because another call was coming in and i needed to take it. Well i took the call and the dispatcher hung up. That was OK since i thought she was busy. so we called back and gave her the information, and she said, "Oh this is the lady from Andrew Higgins??" and she hung up on us!!! So I had a male friend call her so that she would not think it was me so that maybe she could send some help to us, so he called her, gave her the information, and whe she heard my name again and Andrew Higgins, she hung up on him too! So i gave up with Pop a Lock and said i will just call someone else. Luckily, a few hours later, I was able to have a friend supply me with a spare key, so i finally got my car home around 2 am, when we initially started calling her around 10-11 pm.
This rude behavior is completely unacceptable! I cannot believe how (1) this woman cannot give someone the benefit of the doubt and realize that just because I am speaking louder (obviously she did not hear me the first time and asked me to repeat when there are people making noise all around me) she just takes a bad attitude and assumes someone is "hollering" at her. (2) she kept hanging up on us when all i was trying to do was get help so that somone to open my door for me late at night. She caused us to have to stay several more hours in the dark because she had horrible attitude to her fellow humans. And she also caused lost business for Pop a Lock. Pop a lock will forever be imbedded in my head as a completely unprofessional and uncaring company. If this is the way their dispatcher behaves herself, what kind of quality do the others have in their business? This is utterly despicable.

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  • Ro
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    Ms. Bullet,

    I'm very sorry that you ran into a problem with this call. I have researched the call and found the entry into our system. We have noted the incident in the employees file and scheduled more customer service training for her.

    The New Orleans Pop-A-Lock is very dedicated to taking care of customers and we sincerely apologize for this terrible inconvienience. Your complaint has been directed both the Call Center Manager and the actual owner of the New Orleans franchise for resolution. I left a voice mail today at the call back number listed in the record that we have for the call. If that was not your phone number please contact me via email with your preferred number as I would like to speak with you further about this call.

    Again, we are very sorry that you had a bad experience and would like to do our best to improve the outcome and prevent similar events in the future.

    If you have any problems that we can assist with please contact me at:
    Pop-A-Lock Corporate HQ

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