Poor Home Inspection / Incorrect Facts on Home Inspection - Would Not Reimburse After Proved Incorrect

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I am currently selling my house. Travis from Top 2 Bottom came out and did a home inspection at the request of my Buyers and he dinged me on my heating unit. He stated "Heat Pump in the addition did not operate. The compressor or outside fan did not operate". This caused concern to the Buyers so we asked our realtor to have him back out because the heating unit has been on and working fine allwinter, it was even ON while he was doing his inspection. Our realtor informed us they their realtor had stated it would be $100 to have him back out to look at it. We instead called Total Comfort Inc to come out for a $65 check up. They saw it was operating perfectly fine and reported "Heat pump mode, checked ok. All components are functional and in good condition with respect to age". My wife and I called Travis at Top 2 Bottom when I got home from work and told him that it had cost me $65 to show that his evaluation was incorrect and we'd like to be reimbursed. He didn't have much of a comeback and said he was not going to reimburse us. We told him that if he didn't, I was going to file a BBB complaint and he said "ok". So here you have it. I would be very cautious if doing business with Top 2 Bottom Home Inspections Inc. I do agree with the rest of his inspection. I'm upset because his mistake was costly to me but not at all to him. Basically, Travis did not know how to operate our thermostat and cost us $65 to prove he didn't know what he was doing.

Feb 28, 2014

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