Pool-AidPoor service

While away for 2 1/2 months Pool-Aid was servicing our pool. Upon are unexpected return in early Sept. we found our pool had not been taken care of, the water was as green as the trees & sediment had settled on the bottom of the pool & sides. We confronted Pool-Aid and he said he had serviced our pool. If he had, then the pool would have been clean. About 3 weeks before we returned a friend checked our house and they called us and told us at that time the pool looked cloudy so we figure he never did anything to the pool for all of August. Which we had paid for already. He out & out lied about taking care of the pool. He didn't expect us home so soon so I guess he figured he's get away with it. Please if you need pool service don't call Pool-Aid unless you want green water.

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