PolaroidNo service

I bought the TV 4 or 5 months ago. The picture went black last week. I emailed the service department. Two times. I called today. They want me to send it back to California. I am in Lexington, ky. All most $ 200.00 with boxing and insurance. So I said just ship the part. It's a LED Driver Board. Just drop it in a padded envelope. She said we don't build them just the screen. It would cost too much to keep the other parts. I have worked on computers since the 80's. No parts exchange is strange. To heck with the warrant it cost to much to use it. I can't even buy a part from them. So the warrant is not free it cost the shipping plus the TV. But close to outright lying is saying you have a warrant but charging the cost and no parts. The sad part I am out the cost of the TV less 4 months use. This was one of the best companies in America.

Dec 02, 2015

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