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Polaroid / What a joke!

1 Camarillo, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-343-5000

My husband and I purchased a 37 inch LCD from Circuit City in Feburary 2007, by October same year it was starting to break and finally went all the way out by mid October, we call Polaroid immediately and are told the part would be to us within 72 hours and were then to call for service, same story I have been reading all over this site. Part doesn't come so we make numerous more calls just to be told twice they didn't have record of our call, then to be told the part was back ordered.

Now the middle of December we are finally asked what we would like to see happen to resolve the issue? WHAT? Now they ask us this question? My husband tells them either it fixed, replaced or a refund and the lady says GREAT as if we just said the magic words! Since you have been waiting for more then 4 weeks she says we can offer you a refund, we will send out a way bill for you to put on the outside of the box to ship it back to us, great, now how are we suppose to package this tv up without costing us being we don't still have the box? Thankfully my husbands employer had just purchased two 50 inch LCD's (No Not Polaroid) so we got one of those boxes to package it up with, waited for the way bill which actually came, the first true thing they told us since all this started in my opinion.

After reading through some of these reports I am now feeling lucky that Polaroid actually paid for the shipping back since it would have cost us at the least 75.00 and could have gone as high as almost 600.00 depending on how fast you wanted it to get there, they actually marked the third most expensive shipping method which was standard over night which had we paid it would have cost almost 500.00 however I am now wondering if they are going to try and take the cost of shipping out of our refund check that is if we ever see a check?

After reading through all these reports I am scared we will never see that check, I mean this company seems to act as if everyone can afford to loose over 1,000.00? Maybe for some people that isn't anything but for us that is a lot of money that we had to save for in order to be able to make the purchase. Now not only are my husband and I suffering not having the big screen to watch but my daughter who's tv we pulled from her room in order to have a tv in the living room is also paying as she doesn't have her tv in her room anymore either.

We called Circuit City half way through all this mess to see since we DID purchase their extended warranty would they be willing to replace or repair the piece of crap they sold us and were told their warranty didn't kick into action until the malefactor's ran out!! Well in my opinion that is how they make most of their money selling extended warranties on products they well know will never make it past a year therefor they will never have to honor that contract!!

I have read some people say, you can't blame the place that sold the tv or expect them to help you repair the tv, they didn't make the tv. You know you are right they didn't make the tv but they SOLD the tv and in my opinion any business that is going to push someone else's product they should make sure first that the product they are endorsing is worth a crap, and yes Circuit City did PUSH that model on us so in my mind they are just as responsible for helping take care of the issue's that arise as Polaroid are, I mean come on, at least check out the companies who's products you are going to sell before you agree to sell them.

I would never endorse a product I knew to have terrible customer service by selling it at my place of business, I know too that this is a business, but there are way too many companies out there who make good products and when problems do arise they handle them for them not to have to peddle inferior products, so I do blame Circuit City just as much as I blame Polaroid for this headache!!

I have learned from this issue and will never again purchase anything made by Polaroid nor will anyone in my family and I will never again shop at Circuit City either. I started thinking I would go to Best Buy for our next purchase however after researching their customer service and their peddling inferior products as well I think I will instead go to a small dealer here in my town who needs ALL their customers to be happy therefor they are going to help should a problem arise rather then going to a huge corporation who sees you as nothing more then a pestering fly on the window.

I know that if this report or any of the numerous others that are posted here, help one person to not get screwed over by Polaroid or Circuit City then I am happy.

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  • Ki
      26th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I work for Polaroid and not that many of our products break. And based on your warranty we do not have to pay for shipping and handling but we did. Just to answer your q?--- No we do not take the shipping cost out of your refund check.

  • Jj
      28th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Bought a Polaroid Car DVD system for my girls. System quit working within a month. Sent it back for repairs and they kept it for 3 months and the system is still broke. Now they are telling us it is out of warrantly due to the time. Of course it is they are the ones that had it for three months. They tell us to write but no one answers. Anybody got the executive's email addresses for customer care?

  • Da
      26th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I purchased a 32 inch Polaroid flatscreen tv in 2008.I had problems right away with the remote.At one point i had 3 remote controls.after 2 years of this the tv screen went black, I had audio, but no picture.I called polaroid 3 times and was told I could buy a converter for $200.00. dan

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