Polar Ford / Poor maintenance

1 United Kingdom

I was a proud owner of a new Ford Focus ST3.

I arrived in Bradford from Germany last week around the 1st April 10, and booked my car in at Polar Ford Bradford (canal road) to get my GPS Sat Nav repaired as it had stopped working correctly.

The car went in and after waiting nearly 3 hours, I was advised to buy 2 new front tyres as these were unfit for the road. I paid £160 for the new tyres and waited a further hour as they were fitted.

As I drove from the garage I notice the Sat Nav still did not work, and NOW the steering wheel was not central with the road, and ALSO the steering wheel started shaking at speeds between 60 & 70 MPH.

I booked the car into Polar Ford once again after having to wait 4 days because of the Easter weekend.

The car went into the garage at 9am as instructed by ford and I was told to return at 2pm. I phoned at 2pm and the car had not even been looked at yet. A full morning wasted on my part without the car.

I came back at 4pm and was told the balance was out and everything had being fixed.

I left the garage to find the streering wheel WAS NOT STRAIGHT. the streering wheel still SHAKES at 70MPH.

After a year of driving the Focus ST I loved it, and was due to part ex it towards the New focus RS next month.

I am now driving the ST with these problems and I HATE it, to the point I want to get rid of it ASAP, and never touch a Ford again.

A lot of people in the Forces are thinking about buying the ST or the RS and after this experience I wound recommend they don't.

All I expect is that this matter is looked so other people dont get this type of sevice.


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