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4th Feb 2017 I respond to an ad online that gives Beagles dogs for adoption (as I am searching for one). The reply didn't delay, in fact next day the so called lady replied with the attached mail. The response was so convincing, oh my. I totally felt into the trap at first. After several exchange of communication we agreed on everything and since she said she was based in Kuwait, in order to cover expenses for cargo transport she would charge 1000 AED (272 $) as a good will fee, which for a Beagle seemed very reasonable so I agreed. Asked to send details for transfer, she got even more convincing because she asked me to pay the Cargo Company. But hey, this morning something became little strange. She's based in Kuwait and I have to send the money to a Cargo Company based in Greece. So I asked her mobile number. No response. I asked then the Cargo number and she gave to me a number with an European code. At this point I got a little suspicious and did a very simple thing. Copy pasted the e-mail address [protected] on google and it took literally seconds to understand that I was being caught by a serial scam. Thanks to my instinct when received the Greek address I have managed to escape the scam trap.

So everyone, beware of this scammer. He or she is very good and convincing.

Polar-Air Cargo Transportation Specialist
Polar-Air Cargo Transportation Specialist

Feb 06, 2017

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