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1 Madrid, Spain


I'm sorry to bring this forward to your attention but I am disgusted by the way I have been treated by one of your managers called Roger.

My name is Nigel Lloyd I have a small cleaning business in Estepona spain, I have been using your poker site now for must be nearly a year and have spent a significant amount of money on poker as well as the horses, a little over a week ago I did not have any Cleaning work for about 4 days so wanted to go on your site to make some extra money that I wouldn't have been earning for those few days of not working but unfortunately of no fault of mine your site was not working for 3 days, I submitted a complaint and in this complaint I said that your site was the only income I would be getting, now Roger your manger took this that I had no income at all even though I stated to Roger on many occasions how could I put €2867.00 if I had no income, Roger still did not believe I had income even when I said how could I play that amount of money on your site without an income, how would I have a €1000 limit credit card with no income but Roger has still blocked me from using your site not only for the 3 days it wasn't working but any extra 3 day and I'm still unable to access it now even though I have €73.97 in my account.
I have now told Roger I will take legal proceedings for the losses incurred as well as stress, tension of which he has caused plus an invasion of my privacy.
If he is unable to do his job probably without provoking loyal and good customers we will go to a competitors site, us poker players although play against each other become friends and stick together so if this situation does not get resolved I will start action immediately.

Thank you for your time and I do apologize for having to bring this to your attention because I do not like being questioned about my finances by a person who works for a poker site of which my earnings have no relevance to that person what so ever he has made me angry, upset and it's still not resolved even though I have explained myself on many occasions when I shouldn't have too.

I look forward to hearing from you

Aug 30, 2018

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