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Points Across America / BIG TIME SCAM

1 Whitesboro, TX, United States Review updated:
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I used to work for P.A.A. Inc. and the kids that work for them have a quota to meet and must meet that quota or they cannot leave their hotel room until the next day when there quota is met... if at all. Also, if your quota of for example is that you must sell a minimum of 8 subscritions all day, is not met, the seller only makes $25. I it is met then the student will recieve an extra $5 per subscription sold. The object is to sell magazines for a couple years and tell your customers that you're in this huge contest and you only have a few more to sell and you win this entrepreneaur contest and get money to open your own business and a trip to Cancun or wherever you feel like saying you've won a trip to. So you sell magazines for a couple years until youbecome a car handler, which meansyou scout out "the territory" of the area that your 10-15 sellers will go door to door and try and meet their quota. These kids work from 6:30 in the morning until about 9 at night or later, everyday but Sunday in which they "jump states". Tey travel all across the country and sell magazines. It's a complete scam but the object is to sell magazines until you become a car handler and then after you become a car handler you could be promoted to owner, which means you make all the money off everyone in your group. Say you have 10 kids in your group and each one sold an average of 7 magazines and that meant no one met their quote, the owner would pay all 10 kids $25 each and pocket the rest except the $10-$20 for the actual subscription. The owners brain wash you into thinking that your the top seller or that you're weaker than everyone else so that you push yourself into making them money. I lost my best friend to P.A.A. Inc. when we went together and now its useless even trying to have a conversation with her. She is completely brainwashed to sell magazines and nothing else.

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  • Al
      26th of Nov, 2008
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    This is a pyramid scheme. It's sad that they get these kids to do this for them. I had the same thing happen to me years ago, when I was 19 and looking for a good job. Instead of magazines, we went to businesses selling pictures out of the back of our cars. Like Dali's, Monet, Renior and Picasso prints. We would go from business to business trying to get the people to buy these cheap pictures in a plastic frame-which used to wholesell from $3-$5. We would then mark up the cost to at least $20 a pic and sometimes add on tax. OR we would make it seem like they are getting a great deal if they got 3 for $40" It's like getting one free!" We only make $5 for each picture sold. Every morning we would meet in our warehouse and get "FIRED UP" to sell these pictures. Of course the more you sold, the closer you were to getting your own territory and office, where you would recruit a whole bunch of new kids to go out and hustle hard working people out of their money. We were taught and would all practice our "pitches" to see who the best one would be. Basically the better liar you are the more successful you will be. Needless to say the office I worked for was husteling us and the company and it went under. Now that I am older I honestly feel bad for what I did, at the time I didn't see anything wrong. To anyone out there in Jacksonville and Savannah that bought these pics, I am sorry.

  • Ma
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    na thats so not true iight
    this is wut think they dont bainwash kids there not a colt if ur not happy were u r they pay for ur trip back
    to be honest the gm jason was the coolest boss i ever had and the richest lol
    and the people that worked under him were cool as ### to i made alot of long life friends and got to meet new and cool people every hour
    and 45min i was a city kid from ny and in 2 weeks i went from ganster to strait legs hahaha
    as far as i kno its not a scam its just who ever gets fired and doesint leave for there own reson they grow tits and start bad mouthing there intire perseption of wut they used to think about bout the job from wen they first started
    me my self i had some other to handle at home thats my reson for leaveing but all u ma###ers out there talkin ### bout my homies
    why u, ad for cuz they got a stronger mind than u and can take geting sceamed on for not havein there bis

    oohh and im not sure if it is a scam as far as i kno its not cuz like i said none of my other bosses drive round in a hummer
    hopefully they will knock on my door one day and i can tell them im not inerested

  • Co
      17th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    Nicole you were weak

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