Points Across Americanot a scam =]

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I worked for points across america for about 5 months, it was amazing and all the kids were like brothers and sisters to me. Yes we had quotas in order to go party or do what ever we wanted that night, why should the company support your ### if all your doing is staying up all night partying and not helping thier business any? i hear all these people who used to be here complaining on how we cant leave our rooms, we only get 25$ a night, Blah Blah. Well its ###. get your quota- ITS NOT THAT HARD! You got to that quota because you started getting consistant with doing good and you show'd you could do it. if you dont get your quota get back to the hotel check in go to our little meeting and go the ### to bed and wake up excited for the next day. all it takes is a good attitude, a personality and determination. you have that and you'll get your QUOTA and you'll make more than 25$ a day!!! at least thier payin you every night even when you walk around all day with your finger in your ###. And about this scamming talk, kids who get desprite to get thier quota go to desprite measures. if we dont got a magazine of course if u name one off thier gonna say we have it! they were stupid kids and didnt mean any harm. Thier has been days where ive been one order short on my quota on the day and i bought one myself and sent it to my family back home...and from what i've heard some people say about PAA is that its a i wasnt sure if the magazines were gonna go to my house but i kept gettin texts from my sister like "are you sending me magazines?". i told her i was only meeting my quota and i would send her and my mom some. i am now home and i went in her room and found like 6 different magazine subscriptions and thier were 2-3 issues that already came from each. Im sorry to those who have gotten into a situation where somewhere along the lines, somthing got messed up with your order, but ive ran across so many people in the 5 months of selling magazines who have opened thier door saying they did this last year and they have so many magazines pileing up from all the ones they bought last year from the kid they supported they dont want any more. I've had people say they do it every year but they dont have the right income this year, ive had two military roomates i ran across that one of the girls purchased 2 subscriptions from me and the other one didnt get paid yet so she BORROWED 110 dollars from her roomate to buy magazines from me. People all around the world want to help us kids in our contest becuase it IS A CONTEST!!! dont let that fool you. thiers points on EVERY magazine. and for those people who have had problems in the past-IM SORRY, i dont understand it sometimes on how it could have happend but thier are some kids out thier who get desprite and pocket your money, or alter your orders acting like we have somthing we dont just to make a sale. but let me ASSURE you, those are the kids who are in the business for the WRONG reasons and they do get fired.I was in one of the meetings where thier were a few problems with how some of the kids there did things and it was brought out in the open, they embarrassed the HELL of of a few kids and fired 2 of them...the kids Know NOT to ### around not to alter orders, not to split orders or dont switch orders with another person. Some of them do it anyways to benifit them selves in some way...and they DO get caught. so its not the COMPANY who ###s you over ...its because sometimes we get ROTTEN kids coming into this contest. WE deff. handle them and the company handles you guys the best they can. But you guys never know what happend in the situation so please stop acting like we're so bad like not one person we sell gets thier magazines. ### happens but i've ran across more people who HAVE, and that do it every YEAR than that havent gotten 'em. THanX =]

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  • Mi
      Nov 04, 2008
    Points Across America - Paid but no product
    Points Across America
    106 Ethel St
    Johnson City
    United States

    Paid with check for subscription to Hallmark. Have not received any and cannot contact anyone at the company to find out what is going on.

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  • Al
      Nov 10, 2008
    Points Across America - Money
    10 Fairway Lakes Drive Apt. B24
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I subscribed to this company and never received the magazines. They have taken at least $80 out of my account when i only wrote a check out for $50.

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  • Co
      Jan 17, 2009
    Points Across America - NOT A SCAM EX EMPLOYEE
    United States

    This is NOT a SCAM...I use to work for PAA and I have received magazines that I have sent to my family and friends..actually they are asking me to stop sending them magazines. YES it does take a while but it says that on the receipt..I worked for them for almost six mths and the job wasnt for me but you do get your magazines..its funny reading these stories online..Connie

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  • Ki
      Jan 31, 2009

    Hey no im not a little kid. I ordered a mag. from PAA Inc 3 months ago and the guy told me that if i wanted my money back was to send in a paper for a refund. It has been about 3 months and i still havent recieved my money. I disagree with you people who worked for them. this whole thing is just a scam for some stupid little immature people WHO CANT GET A REAL job and just want to scam other poeple out of their money to go to [censored]ing mexico. So you people need to grow up and stop cheating people out of money they really dont have and stop telling them some sob story or trying to get them to feel bad for you.

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  • Ma
      Feb 02, 2009

    I agree I paid $65 for a subsription of Cosumer Reports on 9/16/2008 and have yet to receive a subscription and there is no way of contacting anyone. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

    I will tell you this. I will never buy anything from a kid again. It's ashame. They ruined it for a lot of good charities.

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  • Fl
      Feb 12, 2009

    Funny how some of the "EX" Employees say it IS a scam and some say otherwise...

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  • Pi
      Sep 02, 2009
    Points Across America - mag subscription never recieved
    United States

    I should of known better, but I too wrote a check for $70.00 for a magazine subscription. The date on my reciept is 23 Jan 2009. My check was cashed way back at the end of Jan. Here it is 02 Sep 2009 and still no magazine. I have not been able to contact anyone at the number on the reciept [protected]).

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  • Jc
      Sep 02, 2009

    Check out my posting: "Scam - Hiddens Charges in T&Cs"

    Same group of companies and you'll receive these additional monthly charges as well unless you cancel.

    Hope the info in my post is if use.


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  • Ta
      Sep 09, 2009

    I agree, I purchase two orders! total $124.00 it took 5 months to get a magazine, and the order is not correct!

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  • Sa
      Nov 16, 2009

    Well if it is not a scam how come I can't reach anyone.. and My magazine are not here!!! I order them on 6-5-09!!! 5 months ago.. it says should take 90-150 days to get???? would you like to explain that one!!! by a JIMMY DETZLER!!! if that is even his name!!!

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  • Al
      Dec 05, 2009

    i can't get in touch with anyone there. they do not answer the phone. i paid in july. my subscription on my magazine expires jan 2010 and it has not been renewed. im out $58 and pissed. so all you wonderful employees...HOW CAN I CALL THEM???? i want your phone number. if you fix it, i will buy 10 magazines from you

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  • Jm
      Dec 08, 2009
    Points Across America - Fraud
    Points Across America
    United States

    A charming boy came to my door and convinced me to buy $55 worth of magazines that were to be given as a gift. I had never recieved the magazines and my check was cashed shortly after I had purchased the magazines from the boy. I am out of $55 and out of a christmas gift.

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  • Bj
      Feb 17, 2010

    You may have been "for real" but PAA Inc, certainly isn't. My husband paid $70 (by check) in August 2009, and still hasn't received the magazine he ordered...

    BTW, the phone number for PAA Inc has been disconnected.

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  • Bf
      Mar 10, 2010

    i got taken for $68.00 in Bflo, in aug 09, phone no longer in service, i also should learn from my foolish mistakes. $68.00 for a subscription, what am i nuts. $24.00 gets me a year. pissed off in Bflo

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  • Un
      Jun 03, 2010

    I am still waiting on my subscriptions from 09.23.2008. I paid with a check for $91.00. I just recently located the receipt and have been trying to reach someone. The phone number is disconnected and all I find are complaints and statements that this is a scam. I will not buy from people that come door to door anymore unless they have the product with them like cookies or snacks for sports teams and such. This was a $91.00 lesson that people are not always who they say...If anyone else in the Mansions at Tech Park in Rensselaer, NY purchased magazine subspriptions from a bubbly young girl on or around 09.23.2008, perhaps we can make a group complaint so something better than just writting on a blog...

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  • Be
      Nov 05, 2011

    i worked for man named michael selling magazines also thy called hom mike or mida he was about 5'7 he had a realy big forehead and big buck teeth he used to talk down to all his employes to tryn break them he only give us 20 dollors a nite and the girl employes he would rap finely one nite when he was at at strip club i help a few of the girls and we excaped we had no money to get home. but one of the girls parent we were able to get a hold of to get us home. i urged the 3 girls to go to the police but i dont think any of them did. but if any one who is thnking about going it the magazine bizz jus be aware of were ur going and who will be there alot of the are on the run from some kind of leagle situation any were from fraud to sexule asault

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