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Stefan Minkov and are a total scam. I tried their system for a while, followed their market calls, and even spoke to Stephan a couple of times. I explained how important it ws that I have a good system to help me make money trading the futures market, and they offered to help. I lost 95% of my money in October 2008. This has destroyed me financially, and Stefan has stopped returning my calls or my emails. Please avoid this company and this person. He will sometimes go by 'Wolfman' to hide from angry clients. I only hpe nobody has to live to the ruin this person has made of my life.

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      1st of Jul, 2009
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    I, m Stefan Minkov and i like to respond to that false accusations

    I personally think complaints boards are a good thing for the customer to make informed decisions, but it has also a drawback as you can imagine. Today i received a e mail from a guy who, s name is Michael who claimed are able to repair my reputation online because it is almost destroyed because my site is listed in complaints board. Maybe he did not read my response but the only thing what they want is money from you to get you reputation fixed. I don.t believe they can repair my reputation because i did never scam one of my clients because i, m a prop trader and i don, t have to sell trading systems an courses to traders to make a living.

    What those people do is the following : They destroy the reputation of individuals and tiny companies with false accusations, so they know that these people are not as good shielded because they don, t have sufficient means to get a lawer working for them in that particular issue. Every staff of a complaints board will now respond, we are looking very well at accusations before we are publishing them. At least in my case this is not true, and now some very cute guys thry to cash in with me pretenting to repair my online reputation.

    My site has information about point and figure charts this is the only purpose ot the site. I suppose that Ward Chambers was upset about my commentary about his membership program and this was the begin of these false accusations. So hopefully you will not be the target of some false accusation in the future which can be really a problem in the USA. In germany for instance we have much higher protection of personal data online, and if you make some false accusation you will be held reliable whith high fines for falsely doing that.

    This is what i responded to the first post of false accusations on ripoffrepord posted by a business former associated of Ward Chambers who claimed his name is Paul S from Dallas:

    Thanks for the fake
    I, m Stefan Minkov an i would like to resond to what Paul S. said. I never made bussiness with that person but i suppose that guy is a good friend or ex business associated from Ward Chambers who sold an option spread training course over the internet (CFTI Trading) for a high price for years. These accusations are completely false i never ever mada business with a guy name Paul, Silvio or what name he claims to have. Please look at the following URL /URL removed/ and you will see that i responded to a rebuttal of a ex client from Mr. Chambers who was scamed. I told my personal experience with Mr. Chambers mentorship program for traders nothing more so please refer to my post in this thread (A very expensive mentorship program). It seems to me that Paul was working with Mr. Chambers so it, s up to you to make your own decision. On the other hand i don, t sell trading systems, i only run a point and figure online course for people who are interested to learn to trade effectively with point and figure charts. I tell every pupil that he has to learn a lot of more things to be a good trader. I trade for a living and in my limited spare time i accept only a tiny amount of traders who are interesed to trade with point and figure charts.

    Stefan Minkov

    This is the e mail i received today to the mail address of my site. The e mail address of the sender is slightly changed because i don, t like to promote these people :
    To Whom It May Concern:
    Your reputation has been ruined online and most importantly, when I Googled you, scam sites

    popped up accusing you of ripping people off.

    If you’ve received this email more than once, it is because you have several Complaints Board posts published about you and I’ve come across your URL on their site more than once. I found you listed in complaintsboard and I’m contacting you to inform you of an issue you may not be aware of. You have been accused by customers of yours of misconduct, being scammed, and defrauded.

    My business partners and myself own and operate a search engine optimization agency and our primary service is brand repair. We've seen many businesses loose countless amounts of business due to their negatively perceived reputation online. I've seen businesses put out of business everyday because of this and it is a very serious issue that has to be dealt with before the brand is beyond repair. No one is immune to this problem and there’s been several case studies about companies such as Dell, Microsoft, and Walmart spending millions of dollars to repair their brands for search engines due to drastic decreases in sales all based on the negative listings appearing when their names were Googled.

    In this day and age, you're only a Google search away from gaining or losing a customer.

    I'm contacting you to find out if you're aware of your reputation online and rather or not you've taken any proactive measures to repair your business's brand.

    If repairing your brand is something you're interested in pursing, I'd like to discuss the allegations that have placed you within complaintsboard and other negative review sites you may be listed in. I must also mention, that we do not do business with everyone. So if the allegations against you are true please disregard this message.

    We're interested in helping repair the brands of businesses that have been wrongly accused of misconduct by disgruntled employees, competing businesses, extortionists, or any other unscrupulous person that has threatened your company.

    I’m sure you have been contacted by other companies about services similar to ours, and I’d like to clearly state our advantage over others. Our desire and obligation is to be an integral part of your company. While we work to repair your brand, we will be in touch with you on a regular and scheduled basis to ensure you are seeing that work is being done and that results are being achieved. We will not leave you in the dark like most other companies.

    Our other advantage is our price. Our competitors charge in excess of $10, 000 to repair the brand name keyword of a business. Our prices are nowhere near that outrageous.

    If you would like more details about what we do as well as our service fee and proof of our results, please contact me a.s.a.p if you are serious about getting your brand repaired. We get booked with new clients very quickly and we don’t want your company to miss out on this great opportunity.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Michael P <
    Stefan Minkov

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