Point to Point Destinations (West coast timeshare)Misleading sales

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Hi There, I made the mistake of buying a timeshare from Point to Point Destinations (West coast timeshare) in Vancouver and I am very disappointed. It has turned out to be nothing that they claimed it would be. I have joined a group of others that are currently suing them. If you have also purchased a timeshare from Point to Point Destinations (West coast Timeshare) and are not happy with what they sold you or the way that they sold it to you I would like to help you to get your money back. Please email me anytime I will give you the information. [protected]


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      Jul 08, 2009

    I purchased from West Coast Timeshare/ Point to Point and I'm very happy. I have gone to Disneyland, Hawaii, Italy, France, England, Prague, Whistler, V. Island. My kids love it. I go on vacation every year since I purchased. I would not have gone so much if I didn't purchase. Which is good for me cause I'm a work-a-holic, lol.

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      Dec 01, 2010

    very bad, West Coast Timeshare has run out of business. money is gone.

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      Sep 07, 2012

    My Husvand and I joined Point to Point/Westcoast Timeshare...We were asked if we owned a home to begin with we said no, but we did have a motor home...jokingly...The guy said good enough and signed us up on that, We were financed by Travelers acceptance which changed to Crelogix when they changed to Westcoast .Since then they merged with Vacation Internationale and went Bankrupt...we thought our payments were then going to Vacation Internationale, but they weren't. I canceled the payments, and they changed the total to a different total to get the money out of my bank 4 times I phoned them to ask if we could make smaller payments to them until we can afford to pay in full, they said No. When we first signed they asked for a list of people we knew who might like a timeshare, and now they are harrasing the people on that list and talking about us. I feel like I was not told the whole truth about the merge itself...we thought that our money was being sent over to Vacation Internationale...but it was going to nothing...Does anyone know if there is a lawsuit we could all join into to get our money back from someone from this scam?

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