Pogo (Part of EA) / they shut down for maintenance 07/31/18 and they stripped all loaded games off my computer.

This was a brand new computer 08/2017 - it was loaded by an IT and played great until 07/31/2018. Never had a problem with any game loading in that year. Pogo shut down for maintenance on 07/31/18 and I have been basically unable to load games quickly or for them to stay loaded. They certainly took my money for a year in June. This appears to be fraud. I did contact Pogo help twice. I cleared my cache like I was told. The second Pogo help person told me to install Java (Windows 10 does not support Java), told me to register as a new user (this was the thing that has me fuming) I pay Pogo every year in advance to be a member, I buy other things from them like badges and gems and albums and they tell me to throw those 14 years of money, hard work and all down the drain because they do not know how to shut down without destroying their customer's computers.
I want my computer restored to the condition it was in prior to Pogo shutdown. I want the games loaded and to stay loaded. I want a letter of apology for telling a 14 year Club Pogo Member to register for a new account which would negate their 14 year history.

Aug 04, 2018

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