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I want a number so I can cancel my credit card billing from them each month. I have tried to cancel through my credit card company, to no avail.

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  • Me
      Sep 01, 2009

    All you have to do is go to look under Help on the upper right side. At the top of the "search" page type in "Cancel" and you should see on the list offered, I think #6 says Canceling your Pogo Subscription, have you tried that?
    Or this:
    * Inside the United States: [protected]
    * Outside the United States: [protected]
    Hope this helps

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  • Ms
      Sep 01, 2009

    i went through the same thing with pogo games. i tried and tried and tried to cancel that subscription. they give no contact information - finally, i cancelled the debit card/creidt card and that ended that!!! POGO is a rip!!!

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  • Te
      Oct 30, 2010

    I wanted a number so I could complain about head techy and cant use emails as he is one in charge so nothing would get past him.

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  • Po
      Oct 30, 2010

    [protected] Unlisted Pogo #s
    hint to all
    * when calling the #'s ( that homer gave in this post ) *
    * say my account *
    * say AGENT *
    * it will take you to a HUMAN or wait untill end of choices and press 9 for other is actually e and a the parent company so it may bring you better results. the first thing they do is take your phone number and email so that if you are cut off they can get back to you. found it all by typing pogo contact number in search but had to go through a few pages to find it.

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  • Dr
      Aug 19, 2012

    It's so obvious that there are administrators who fix the games. Pogo is another of the "control freak" webistes. When I see control freaks like this, it makes me distrust any advertisers on it. I mean, you're talking about control freaks, the last people you can trust, by definition. I keep track of who advertises there, just so I can make sure never to purchase products from them. No way would I trust anyone who advertised with pogo.

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