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PODS, INC / Poor customer service

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I have not had a problem with PODs until I moved to Egypt. The first incident was 12/2007. For some reason, I couldn't wire money to my acount in the US of A because of incorrect swift numbers. I finally got that straightened out. I had to go over Mahdi Strawter's head to get the information needed to directly wire money to PODs. His supervisor told me that I never said anything about having difficulty wiring money. The Next incident involved wiring money to my account. The bank that I was using in Egypt, decided that everytime my money didn't go through, they would keep the transfer fee(50 USD). To understand this, I do not receive bank statements in Egypt and after going every month to get my statements from the bank and getting the run around, I closed my account. That is when I learned I had been legally robbed. I found a new bank and again asked for the wire information to wire money to PODs. Mahdi Strawter was rude, his supervisor wasn't in and to call back Monday. (Even with the cheapest international phone plan, it does cost money). I did and I did wire the money. Not as much as PODs wanted but some. In February 2009 I called Mahdi to ask how much I needed to wire to keep my account current. He told me a figure (it was around $50 less than the actual amount). I wired the money. My parents called and wondered why I took money out of my father's account and how could I even think to do that. I found out it was PODs. I called to speak to Mahdi's supervisor of which he never called back. I asked Mahdi to replace the money. They didn't. He swore he never said that amount. I then wired two payments to POds on 3/2/09. Now I am still having problems. Below I have copied and pasted the e-mails that Mahdi Strawter sent to me. I need someone who in my opinion is not a pathalogical liar on my account.
Help me please.

Ms. Mcpherson,

The corporate accounting staff and the customer account manager staff are two seperate entities and are located in two seperate buildings. The information needed, as I previously stated would be the dates and the amounts of the wire transactions. The phone number is not necessary since that information is not included in the wire transfer log.

Thank you,

Mahdi Strawter
Corporate Account Manager

Ms. McPherson,

We rarely ever get wire payment transfers from customers. So stating you've sent two payments is insufficient. You would need to let us know the date and the amounts of each transaction so we can let our corporate accounting staff know what those amounts are for. Please be mindful of this if you choose to continue to pay by wire transfer.

Thank you,

Mahdi Strawter
Corporate Account Manager

I have sent over the information to our corporate accounting department to research and find the wire transfer information. As I mentioned in the previous email, our corporate accounting department and the customer accounting staff are two seperate entities. Our corporate accounting department does not have any dealings with our customers.

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