PnP Hypermarket Steeldale / no service and rude staff

1 alberton, ZA

I visited Steeledale Hyper today, 27th Nov and wanted to enquire and buy the T.V advertised.
I entered the section and found no staff, I waited and eventually was asked by the security lady if I needed help which I replied yes. she plugged the unit in for me to see the quality and hear sound and tried calling the relevant persons for me to complete the sale? she phoned and asked for the staff and was told they were on lunch, after 2pm? I consulted the customer service desk and alerted the lack of staff and she announced for MOSES, manager of the audio section. I waited for at least a half hour for him to get to his post. when he did eventually saunter in, I asked him if he worked here and he grunted to which I replied ' why must I wait so long for him when I am willing to purchase a product' and he turned on his heel and walked away from me, with a disgusting manner?
I then went back to help desk and got hold of a gentleman called Ashley and he helped me further. I find this lack of service and rude and incompetent staff totally unacceptable, what do you think??
I have since decided to purchase from another store that offers better service and shows interest in taking my money with a smile.

Nov 27, 2017

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